Prissy Sissy Story

Prissy's Sissies contains Drawings and Stories about Strict Mistresses who dress up and dominate submissive transvestites, effeminate pansy boys, Male Maids, frilly pantywaist She-males, Diaper sissies and ALL weak-willed crossdressing men. Mistress Alexa does PRISSY SISSY PHONE SEX SESSIONS - about Prissy Sissies who are FORCED by DOMINANT WOMEN to wear soft flouncy dresses, frou-frou petticoats, frilly silk panties and sweet pink buttons and bows.

Mummy teased him mercilessly about his panties. When guests came to visit, he was meant to lift up his skirt and petticoat so they inspect his overtight panties. When they left, he put on his apron and cleaned up. First, the salon. Then, the mistress.

Mistress Alexa make me feel so frilly!

At mealtimes or when busy around the house, he was made to wear a white linen pinafore, with embroidered epaulettes and a deep lace frill around the bottom. As it fastened at the back, he could not put it on or take it off himself, and so he had the humiliating task of always having to ask politely for it to be tied on or removed. Sometimes, if she felt that extra punishment was needed, she would send him out on little local errands still tied up in his pinafore, which of course really upset him.

Sometimes, his mother took him out for a morning walk in his sissy frock and his too-short coat, with his petticoats sticking out and his panties vibrating. His pretty little clitty was ribboned and perfumed and sometimes he could not control it and he wet his panties, much to his embarrassment and misery.

Once he was had wet his petticoats there was an immediate and most noticeable change in his behavior, and after some months she decided that stricter measures were needed, and that he needed to be locked into a chastity device so as to forcibly curb his naughtiness.

The additional humiliation of going shopping with mommy to buy a a really lovely pair of frilly knickers. They had a gathered band round the legs, trimmed with a frill of lace, and in truly childish style they had a bunched elastic waist.They covered up the big plastic chastity belt that sheathed his clitty and stopped his fingers and hands from touching his sissyy parts.

The poor sissy actually burst into tears when he was locked into his new chastity belt for the first time. He really looked quite silly. His mother had very cleverly adjusted his dress short enough for the lace frills of both his petticoats and knickers to be quite clearly seen underneath, and with ankle socks and a child's shoes, and a big floppy bow of ribbon in his hair, the whole effect was devastating. He blushed, he wept, and he behaved.

Of course he couldn't be bathed or changed without removing the device, but he had to wear it all night and all day, inside the house and at work.

His mother introduced new humiliations: teasing him during his bath, sending him out in the garden with his panties around his knees, his chastity belt attracting birds and giggles.

The neighbors on both sides were already aware, of course, that the sissy next door had been chastised and belted and petticoated for his naughtiness, and thoroughly approved. You can imagine the amusement he caused, wandering about the garden in his in his skimpy little dress and frilly lace petticoats and panties, sulkily nursing the dolls his mum had bought for him, as she had trained him to do.

Under this relentless regimen of chastity, he often begged most pitifully to be allowed out, to be milked, but he had to stay and face it as best he could. Until Mistress decided he had truly learned his lesson.

He remained in this little sissy form of dress, chastity belt and all, until leaving school at the age of sixteen. Apart from a few sulky tantrums and quite a lot of tears, it kept him completely docile and obedient, and there was really no need to make any changes.

Infantilisation: Sissy in Diapers

After he is trained in housework, in performing daily chores for his mummy, in preparing for his future as a docile 'house-husband', the sissy should be corrected and disciplined by using a special punishment: infantilisation.

infant prissy

Alexa suggests to the sissy that he looks so nice in his baby sissy clothes that he should be put in nappies so he can look like a real baby!

When the sissy is told of his punishment, he usually begs not to be so humiliated. Alexa instructs the wife or Mum to disregard this plea. It is essential for a mistress to demonstrate her commitment to breaking him of his bad habits. She should push a baby's dummy teat into his mouth, and tell him that in future he is to use it all the time, and that he will be severely punished if ever she catches him without it. He will have it as constant humiliating companion from now on.

The psychological effect of being treated like a real baby and fastened up in nappies, instead of just panties, is everything a mistress could hope for. He cries and sobs, and pleads with her not to be further humiliated like this, and when she leads him over to the mirror and he sees himself in his ridiculous little baby dress and frilly petticoats, with his big fluffy nappies shamefully displayed underneath, and his pacifier in his mouth, he whimpers like a very young child.

Keep him wearing nappies , sometimes with the covering of fully bloomered pink frilly plastic baby pants. Make him live a complete 'baby' life, feeding from a bottle, using a pacifier all the time, and sleeping in a large cot. Tease him endlessly about his sissy clothes, his sissy manners, his sissy penis, and expose him to others. Invite guests to change his diapers, to tuck him in, to supervise his feedings... When you finally remove the nappies he will be a happy, docile, obedient, and perfectly behaved sissy. But it may not be necessary to remove them at all.....