My Online Mistress has got me good.

I haveknown her for about two years and we talk frequently on the phone as well. Over that period of time with one thing leading to another I have told her about my little sissy secrets as well as most every other thing you can think of about myself (big mistake).

To me, she was someone nice to talk to and a good friend but now all of a sudden she decides she wants to dominate me (she has probably been planning this for awhile). Even though she lives on the other side of the country she found a way to get to me.

I received a package in the mail a few weeks ago with no return address. Inside was a pair of nylon panties, white, full cut, with pink flowers. A note read "I know that you are a panty wearing sissy boy, so I think these are perfect for you". I of course am freaking out wondering who on earth knows about me. It goes on to read "I want you to be wearing these on Wed I will be checking"!!

The note had instructions to write to her e-mail address confirming I had them on and where I would be all day and what times. I'm so nervous that when Wed came I put on my new panties and a t-shirt and decided to stay at home and work with my computer (day convenient). I wrote to her e-mail stating I would be at home all day.

Well, to shorten this up some, My friend in California had been looking for a long time to find someone close to where I live to help her dominate me.

I'm sitting at the computer on my Panty Day when my cell phone rings. I answered and a sexy voice said, "Is this Marty"? I said "yes". She says "you can call me Mistress Erica". She asked if I had my new panties on and I told her yes. She told me for my sake I had better have (I'm shaking cause I'm so nervous) and then she hung up. 5 minutes later there is a knock at my door and I start scrambling to find some pants.

I put on some pull up pants and answered the door. Sure enough, there she is: an attractive tall woman about my age with black hair, wearing jeans and a good looking top. She pushes me backwards, walks in the door, closes and locks it. She says "Show me your panties slut boy".

I'm totally shaking and stammering. I pulled my pants down far enough to show her I had them on but that wasn't good enough. She wants me to step completely out of them. So here I am standing in front of this strange woman in my panties and t shirt and she asks if I'm wearing a bra! I told her no. And she says to go get one on as if she knows I have those too.

So I go do as I'm told wondering what is going to happen to me. She watches as I take of my shirt and put on the bra. Then she fishes some handcuffs out of her purse and dangles them as she looks at me and smiles. In my nervous state I'm trying to ask her how she found out about me and what not, but she evades the subject.

She tells me to put my hands behind my back but at this point I'm not willing anymore cause I'm already freaking out and I don't know her. So I don't let her cuff me. Now comes the good part. She gets on her cell phone and calls my friend in CA ( Mistress Amber). I am listening to her saying: "Your little bitch boy isn't cooperating".

She eventually hands me the phone and It's Amber (now Mistress Amber). Mistress Amber says to do as I'm told or else ! Amber explains she knows all about me how she will expose me and so on. She says I have known you for a long time and we are going to have a little fun. I have never heard her talk to me the way she was talking. She was demanding and would not take no for an answer. I finally complied; thinking I was safe since she knew Amber.

So now I have my hands cuffed behind my back standing there in my panties and bra in front of this woman I just met. She puts the phone up to my ear and Mistress Amber says " You're Going To Be My Bitch", and "There are Going To Be A Few Changes". Mistress Erica loops a necktie around my neck and ties it off to a hook on the doorway.

She asks where my suitcase full of frillies are (I guess Amber told her all about that too). She is going through my suitcase pulling out lingerie (mostly panties with some bras and hosiery) poking fun while they are both having fun and cracking up. Next thing that happens is she disconnects the cell call and calls her back on my phone so we can all talk at once using the speaker except I won't be doing much talking because Mistress Amber gags me with Panties and masking tape. Then she hits my pantied ass with a wooden spoon she had retrieved from the kitchen. I screamed through the gag while she rubs my ass and tells me its for my own good and that I will be getting a lot more if I forget to address her as "Mistress Erica" and also "Mistress Amber".Just as the pain subsides she hits me again. I'm really screaming now and I don't think I can take much more cause it brought tears to my eyes this time. Mistress Erica and Amber are laughing and cutting up asking me "how do I like wearing panties now" and "how does it feel to be a real sissy" and ect ect. So now Mistress Erica starts to take the gag off and warns me that if I make a sound she will "really" give me a good swat. She tells me I am not to speak unless spoken to. I am to memorize things to say on cue such as when Mistress asks, "What is your name"? I am to say " My name is Sissy Pants, I wear womans underwear, and I'm Mistress Amber's bitch". They made me practice it and other sissy lines such as, " What do you like to do"? " I like to wear panties" I was instructed to say. This is all going on over the span of maybe two hours (I'm not sure exactly and I may be skipping a few details, but you get the idea). Then Mistress Erica unties me from the overhead bar and takes me to the bedroom, lays me down on the bed with my feet over the edge and ties them.

She then produces a bottle of bright red nail polish and paints my toes. I am informed that if I take it off she will know cause I will never be able to find the right color to match. I am also informed that I will be wearing woman's panties everyday 24/7, absolutely, from now on. I'm starting to freak out some more and started begging "Please...oh no.......but I'll get caught" and such, but that got me in more trouble. I forgot I was not to talk.

So I was promptly informed, just for complaining, I would wear thigh high stockings with my panties and painted toes. I hear Mistress Amber over the speaker asking, "Would you like to try for a bra too? " !

I am now realizing that as hot as this is, and as much as I'm feeling things I have never felt before, (and God knows I love it) I am very frightened at all of this too. I have dreamed about this stuff for years but I only wear panties around the house and out sometimes on my days off. The few times I have worn them to work I was so scared of getting caught I stopped doing it at all. Mistress Amber knows all this though and she knows how terrified I am of getting found out. This is what she is using on me to push me over the edge.

She knows so much about me and where I work and the names of my friends and family. She has sent me some sample e-mails that she says she will circulate....scary stuff. She used to tease me sometimes about stuff, but now her tone has changed....this woman is serious. She mocks me I think when she tells me " I know you love this and I'm doing it for your own good".

I work 5 days a week as a shift manager at a family restaurant. I bar tend on Friday and Saturday nights for a different restaurant. I am really scared of this 24/7 thing. I have to do a lot of bending and reaching with both jobs. I'm not sure how I am going to handle it. Mistress also knows I am unattached and sometimes I meet ladies at the bar. She says " its fine to date as long as I have on my panties" (so funny). She says she wants to keep me away from other women till we eventually meet up....permanently!

So anyway, flash back to the bedroom, this really tops it off. Mistress Amber and Erica ask where all my underwear is. They get every pair from my drawer and some brand new ones from a different drawer and every last pair from the laundry. Mistress Amber cuts them up all over the floor right in front of me.

She empties out the rest of my underwear drawer and starts putting panties in. I am informed this is to be my panty drawer and will have nothing in it but lingerie. I am told I will be washing them by hand with Woolite and will always have panties and stockings hanging up my bathroom along with a bra.

Mistress Erica will be doing surprise inspections as well as panty checks. Now for the most humiliating part. Mistress Erica pulls out a realistic looking rubber dildo and sticks it up to my face and says "Open your mouth slut boy". She inserts the dick and tells me not to let it slip out of my mouth or she will spank me again. She tells me to say "mmmm".....and I am made to respond to sissy questions saying "mmmmm"...

Mistress Erica leaves the room and comes back with a mini camcorder to my face while I'm going "mmmm" with a dildo in my mouth, cuffed and tied wearing a bra and panties. She tells me not to worry about the camcorder cause it was fixed on me earlier in the other room while I was practicing my sissy sentences. Mistress Amber tells me its for sissy insurance (very funny again......for them).

Mistress Erica leaves the house with the camcorder while I'm still tied and Mistress Amber is asking silly questions over the speaker and giving me more sissy rules to follow, "Do you understand" ? I acknowledge "mmmm" So now over the span of the last 3 weeks I'm getting used to it a little better. I always wear heavier a little baggy in the ass pants now so I don't show any panty lines. I'm careful and aware when I bend and reach. So far I am functioning as usual with no one having a clue. I have had to special order more thigh High's in tall size because they wear out eventually and start to slip. Sometimes I don't wear them but have not been caught by Mistress Erica. Mistress Amber says Erica will be checking but so far has only come to my house to check things. Once she came to the bar on a Saturday and only stayed for a drink flirted with me a little and left (boy was I scared !!). I am really afraid.

Mistress Amber says on my first screw up she will put some stills from the camcorder up on a sissy website where they will remain until I redeem myself, whatever that means. Next screw up and she starts sending links. Since that fateful Wed Mistress Erica has been into my computer and made copies of all my e-mail contacts and sent them to Mistress Amber. I have to e-mail Mistress Erica with my schedule and where I will be for every day of the week. If I need to leave town I must call Mistress Amber to ask permission. She has always been so nice over the years I can't imagine she would expose me but she sure sounds serious. She says she wants me and she intends to have me She says it won't be too long before we meet. I have been sent out on my first sissy assignment to buy lipstick in every color to match my panties. I have to have a matching color in my pocket along with my keys at all times. My next assignment is to go out and buy a nightie to sleep in. It has to be sexy and feminine. Mistress Amber wants pictures of me in it and says also she "will be getting lots of pictures". I also have to shave my mustache.

The last time Mistress Erica came over to redo my toenails and trim up my eyebrows and of course do a panty check, I had to masturbate with my dildo in my mouth while Mistress Amber listens and they laugh. This is my situation now. I can't say that I haven't dreamed of this but it scares the crap out of me too. I shake in fear sometimes. I have never felt so submissive and vulnerable. Sometimes Mistress Amber calls me. When I answer I have to say "Good Morning Mistress Amber, how are you today". Then she will start asking me questions like "Are you wearing your panties" ? I am not allowed to answer yes or no. I have to say "Yes Mistress, I'm wearing my panties". Then she will ask " what color are you wearing " ? No one word answers are allowed on this either. I say " my panties are white Mistress ". This could go on for a few minutes. I sometimes have to scramble to find a place to go if its not private where I'm at. Then it will turn to more general conversation except that I must always address her as Mistress. I have told Mistress Amber about all the details of my fantasies over the years but a lot of this stuff is new. I wonder where exactly she came up with all of these things. I wish I knew how to handle this. I think I'm in trouble.

Sincerely, Secret Sissy Masha