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Mistress Alexa

Your Private, Secure, Discreet Phone Session lets you relax while Mistress Alexa uses her hypnotic voice to dominate, humiliate and sissify.

Put on your Prissy Sissy Dress, call 888-411-1230 and tell Alexa her you're ready for a Play Date!

  • Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Get hypnotized! Ask Mistress Alexa for a Feminization Hypnosis phone session. Relax while she whips up your female desires and makes you over into a more feminine, more submissive, more pliant feminine persona.

Surrender to a powerful, imaginative, hypnotic Mistress who makes you long for sexual submission. limit!!

Become a Lipstick Sissy!
What is the secret of becoming-feminine? Alexa will teach you to look at yourself the way a woman does, to make yourself pretty the way a woman does, to put on your makeup like a woman, to see yourself the way a woman sees herself, looking not only in the mirror but imagining how a man is looking at her in the mirror..., Download her lipstick audio file and listen to it over and over again. It will teach you how to put on lipstick in a feminine, femmy, sissy, sissified, way. Listen to it again and again until you feel totally feminized. Then call Mistress Alexa and ask for more.

Erotic Stories
Read the stories on our site and find a favorite. Then call Mistress Alexa and tell her which one you like. She will play out the scene in a personalized session with you as the submissive sissy!

Email Mistress Alexa with your questions about feminization,hypnosis, sissification, cuckolding, chastity training.Send her your photos, your favorite crossdressing stories, links on where you buy your panties, and everything you need your Mistress to know about you. Reserve a special time, or call when your feeling very very sissy, when you have your prettiest panties on, and when you're lonely.


Mistress Alexa pushes your feminized, sissified body to the limit with her sweet, loinwrenching, Forced Fem Phone sessions !! Call +1-888-411-1230 and submit to your Mistress, play out a scene of sexual surrender, obey the imperatives of a beautiful dominant woman who whispers to your sex and makes it tell the truth.

The German Jim on femdom museum

“Dear Mistress”

“ Dear Mistress Alexa: Indeed, You have the most beautiful voice in the world. Tell me what to do. Dominate me. Feminize me. Make me your own sissy...” Read more sissy letters

“Oh, Mistress! I find myself succumbing to wicked cravings as I look at the patent leather high heels in front of me. I have such a weakness for lingerie and shoes now after our therapy sessions.” Read more letters about crossdressing in panties, high heels, pantyhose...

“Dear Alexa, I cannot resist clasping the silky straps of my DD bra around my chest and gently pinching the nipples of my new DD breasts just as you told me too.... Im yearning for another bimbo session!- Kimberly” Read more about men who imagine themselves as beautiful women with huge breasts :

Get Feminized & Sissified
Do you long to have the body of a woman, to bounce with breasts, to wiggle curvy hips and spread soft, smooth, pink skin? Do you want to wear silky clingy panties or wake up in the morning with smudged mascara beneath your eyes ? Call Alexa. She knows how you feel. She will help you climb the staircase to heaven.