Sissy Wife Phone Therapy

Are you a sissy wholly obsessed by your wife? Do you dream of your wife as a mistress? Are you too intimidated to ask that she dominate and control your sissy sex? Now Alexa can help with Sissy Wife Phone Therapy. Sissy Wife Phone Therapy

Call 888-411-1230 and ask for Sissy Wife Phone Therapy.

Tell Alexa about your wife. What would you like her to say to you?  Alexa will invent a hypnotic induction just for her.

” You don’t want to think, you just want my panties to dominate all your thoughts. And that feels good to you. That feels just exactly as it should be. Thinking about my panties, letting them control you, giving in to their power over you.” Imagine how pretty I look with   my skirt up just high enough to let my panties peek out. You are totally enthralled, and totally mine.

“Look at my panties, Sissy!”

“Concentrate on them,”

“Think about how pretty they are, how feminine. Think about how soft they are, and how pleasant and calming they would feel rubbing against your nose and cheek. Think about how sweet they must smell. Can you imagine these things, Sissy?”



The Sissy’s Wife Speaks

The Sissy’s Wife Speaks

“I’ve had some long talks with Alexa, and she has helped me
understand what you need. After being pissed off that you shared
your fantasies with her and not with me, I realized that some of them
kind of turned me on and that we could have some fun with them. I
realize that our sex life hasn’t been that great in a while, and I was
just going to accept the fact that your little dick just can’t get the job
done. Now I see that we can both get what we need. Mmmm—I
almost forgot how much you love eating my ass. That’s good. No
stick that tongue deep in me if you like what I’ve been saying.”!


Sissy Littlecock stuck his tongue deeply into her anus and swirled it
around, tasting cream and musk and funk. The sissy’s wife pushed herself down into his face, creaming his cheeks.

“I thought you’d like that, bitch!”

She rubbed her pussy with her hand and continued talking.

“It isn’t like I didn’t know that
you weren’t enough for me in bed. I never told you why we broke up
the first time, but it was because I had started fucking this big
fireman behind your back. He had a huge dick and made me cum
every time. I knew you loved me and would do anything you could
for me, but I needed big cock so I broke up with you.”

Sissy Littlecock was shocked, but licked her ass harder and deeper.

“I did a lot of fucking after that with some great lovers. But after
a while, I needed stability, a good provider, and a future. Those studs
weren’t going to give that to me—they were good for banging me but
I couldn’t depend on them for anything else. So I got back with you
and found that part of me never stopped loving you.
“Now I see that you have needs, too, just like my need for the
satisfaction only a big cock—especially a big black man with a big
black cock—can give me. I had some time to fulfill my needs, and
now I’m going to let you fulfill yours. I can tell by the way you keep
licking my ass that you like this idea. Look—you are hard again!
Your dick is so cute. You must really like what is happening because
I can’t remember the last time you got hard twice in one night!

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Your wife has also created a new, false history for you:

Your mother wanted a daughter. When you were born, she was so
disappointed that she refused to treat you as a boy. She let your hair
grow long and curly. She kept you in baby dresses for an unusually long time. Even
in Elementary School she insisted that you avoid the rough and dirty games and skip jumprope with the girls.

“The other boys wouldn’t play with you and called him sissy. You became
hostile and unruly. Later your behavior got worse and when you married you bossed me around!
I talked to your mother and
she suggested the Institute. That is, the Feminization Institute.”