When Aunty Came to Stay

When Aunty Came to Stay
When Aunty Came to Stay          
I’ve just recently discovered your website houseboys.net… this is what I’ve been looking for… my heart warms.

Mistress.. I would like to share a little about my life of dressing up and enjoying being girly.  It all started when I was 10 when my aunty came to stay with us. My aunty wore tights all the time..  I loved the way they looked encasing my aunties legs.. I’m not quite sure how I first found my self in my aunties bedroom but I do know when I did start wearing tights this was only the beginning of being seduced in slowly wanting more than just wearing tights under my trousers and secretly visiting my aunties bedroom when nobody was around and lookign through her underwear drawer and smelling her panties and wearing them also.

It was also at this time when I had my first homosexual experience with a friend.. we were so young and just kissed & were feeling each other… thats all.. but we both enjoyed dressing up.  My friends mum I noticed always wore american tan tights all the time and I wanted to wear them and get dressed up. So we got dressed up together.. I felt so girly and naughty. I wanted to be girly… we didn’t fuck or anything; we were just to young to know what to do.

Sadly my friend didn’t have the same feelings towards dressing as I did or our growing relationship and told all my other friends about our little secret! However, this didn’t stop me from dressing up… which became more… more often.

What I used to do was get home from school early and go straight to my aunties room. When I would get there I would take all my clothes off .. when opening the underwear drawer.. I loved the womanly aroma. I loved the way dressing up made me feel. I would walk around the house.. sit & watch tv; crossing my legs and stroking my legs all the time… I would always finish of these little dressing sessions by going back to my room and would then wank with the tights on…. feeling my nylon encased legs as I stroked myself. I did this for years… my aunty didn’t say anything to me but I’m sure she would’ve have known that I was wearing her clothes.

Today I don’t do much dressing sadly, although my love for tights hasn’t diminished, of coursed with the advent of the internet.. I have discovered various websites that share my love for tights, although this isn’t completely satisfying.. its like having a relationship with my computer in a way. One of my fantasy’s would be to meet a sympathic and like minded woman who would dress me up…feminise me… take control… whom I could serve and worship her tights embalmed legs.

Thank you Mistress I haven’t felt confident in telling many people about this secret part of my life.. I’d be so pleased if you would give me some feedback and possibly continue corresponding with you..