Wax On Whacks Off

Part 1: mistress came home early and my chores had not been completed because i had gone surfing. she told her date she was sorry that he had to see this but that i needed to be punished and she lay my surfboard on the carpet and made me mount it in my maid’s skirt-which she lifted to reveal my ruffled panties. she said if i loved surfing enough to risk a whipping then perhaps i loved it enough to fuck it and as she took a cane to my pantied ass, i fucked my surfboard in front of her and her man as she beat me raw. swat,swat,swat…i was crying and she asked if i no longer loved surfing because i wasnt FUCKING it anymore and down came my panties as i incurred 20 more strokes-bringing a torrent of tears. mercifully she stopped and forced me to sit on my whipped ass–she knelt before her date and unzipped his fly, smiled at me and withdrew his cock-shaking it at me before deftly popping it into her mouth-slapping her ruby red lips with it. she was excited, i could tell and she was going to force me to watch her blow this stranger…..

Part 2: Mistress was acting like a hussey, greedily slurping on this mans cock and making loud, animal-like grunting noises. i had been told to lay on my back on my ‘beloved surfboard’ and watch as she knelt just two feet away absolutely obliterating any sense of shyness as she rammed this dick into her throat.

i had an erection that would not stop growing, climbing out of my panties and bursting into the open for her to see-knowing she was accomplishing her goal–make me jealous and wishing to trade places with this stranger who was getting the blowjob of his life because I NEEDED to be taught a lesson. i wondered if she would be going to this extent if this hadnt been the second time in 3 weeks i was either late or didnt get my chores done because i had been surfing with my buddies? i did know that my beaten ass was killing me and also knew that she was FAR from done with me.

Glancing over at me, she allowed the swollen cock to pop out of her mouth audibly and pop her in the chin on its upward rebound. she licked her lips, grinned at me and kissed the pinkish head of the cock which bobbed about before lips that MY dick currently desired. she grabbed it, bent it slowly downward and held it there-instructing me to crawl over, dragging my embarrassing turgid meat. i did. she told me to raise my head above her hand and leave it there. then she released her cock grip and it snapped upward and thwacked me under the chin as Mistress howled with laughter.

she calmed down and told me to get back to my ‘beloved surfboard’–in a derogatory manner once again–panties down, mount it…and FUCK it!!, adding that it had better be fucking audible. she wanted to see my ass bucking and had better hear meat slapping board! frightened, i fucked my surfboard as hard as i could, relieved to hear my cock really giving it to my board as the strange man and Mistress Alexa laughed at me. as i lay before her and she now sat in a chair sucking his dick loudly, i felt her big toe begin to pry its way between my asscheeks, finding its target, and invade my asshole as i now bucked against it-impaling MYSELF on it in my quest to fulfill my ordered fucking of the surfboard.

so i now was mounted on my board, with my panties at my knees, slamming my hardon against a surfboard, with a gorgeous, extremely desireable woman assfucking me with her bigtoe, and my desire compounded by the fact that she was sucking a strange mans cock right in front of me. i had told her once that surfboards need to be waxed. she had not forgotten, unfortunately—– to be continued….