Trained For Service

Keywords: male domination, Mistress, Watersports, enema, training, surrender

Two women and three men sat around a table nursing drinks. Emma and James had been married for seven years, Kay and Peter six. Darla, a widow, had just remarried.
We miss you, Darla, Emma said.
Darla shrugged… “well, its not to be helped, ” she said.  John is still adjusting to married life…
“As I see it,” Emma said , we have three problems. One, we were all happy with our former arrangements, but your new husband won’t play. Which means that you wont either. A pity…”.

“The other problem is that we crave it more than our husbands do… and can’t do with just a few times a week…” She paused to take a sip from her dacquiri. ”

And then.. well.. number three is: we like anal and oral, with swallowing, B and D, humiliation, coming on demand, no limits…, and well, our husbands aren’t going to give us everything we want any time soon.” Emma fnished.

Here’s what I just found out. There’s a woman, a trained nurse who was at a boys school in Switzerland. It seemed she like to experiment with the boys, capture them, brainwash them, make them into total sex slaves. She had the little boys serving all the female staff members. It excited her, I suppose.” She was caught and had to leave the school, and she’s living here now. In Connecticut. She was hired as a housekeeper except that her employers who happened to have a teenage son, found out t hat she had this weekness for bondage… and brainwashing… and fired her. But now she’s available and I think she can work a miracle with John.




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