The Sissy Necklace

After you have chosen your special sissy name, Mistress Alexa will order a necklace with your name written in script. You will wear the necklace whenever you are serving Alexa.   Today, you are wearing your sissy necklace and if you complete your task, you will receive a heart shaped charm to dangle on your necklace next to your name.


Today I have made an appointment for you at a local Beauty Salon. The salon has your sissy name, and when you check in you will give the receptionist your sissy name. I have requested that they give you their most feminine robe to wear while you are waiting for your treatments.  Go to the changing room and put it on after stripping naked.

The aesthetician will prepare your body for waxing, she will give you a leg wax, a bikini wax, and  more, depending on the extent of the un-femininity.

You will follow all of her directions, and you will let her perform her feminization treatments.

She may place a couple of pillows under your hips so you don’t  have to hold your ass in the air when she waxes your private lady parts.  You may feel your  sphincter start to relax as your legs and back are massaged in preparation for your sani-femi (sanitize to feminize) treatment.

You will wriggle and struggle on the table but you will be happier and prettier when it’s over. (See Jamie’s Story for details)

After your full body  treatment, your skin will feel tingly and soft. You will put your robe back on and follow your attendant   to the nail salon and sit in a big chair. She may call over some of her friends to watch.  She will give you  beautiful nails for your trip, and tint your lashes and brows to bring out your eyes. You are going to look really pretty after this. Just lay back, and she will take care of it all.

One technician will work on your toenails and massage your feet, while another works on your hands, and yet another transforms  your eyelashes and eyebrows. You will enjoy being pampered.


You won’t want to ruin your pedicure so you will receive special sissy flip flops to wear so that you can  show off your toes!  Check  yourself in the mirror, look at your sissy necklace dangling from your smooth and perfumed neck, and feel pretty. Then call your Mistress, and thank her for putting you on her Sissy List!