The Maid’s Room

Dear Alexa!

I’ve just recently discovered your website… and I immediately thought about discovering the maid’s room when I was young… when I first started dressing up….

Mistress.. I would like to tell you about how I dressed up when I was young… It all started when I was in third grade and my mother started working instead of staying at home. She hired a live-in maid and the sewing room upstairs was converted into a maid’s room.  The maid wore pretty aprons and  heels– I loved the way she looked and loved hearing her heels clicking down the wooden steps or on the wooden floors.  I first found myself in her room on an errand from my mother — (O, sweetheart, go look in the maid’s room for my extra set of keys…!) and of course I took the opportunity to look EVERYWHERE… including her closet, her bureau drawers, her hamper…

I saw and smelled a lot of pretty things but I do not think I actually tried anything on that day… I certainly dreamt about it in the following weeks and months. I do remember  secretly visiting the maid’s room  when nobody was around and looking through her closet and her many drawers full of slips and girdles and panties. First smelling her panties and then finally one day slipping them on!

It was also at this time when I invited another friend home and found out what another cock looked like and felt like and tasted…. He and I kissed and touched each other and best of all – we dressed up together…   He wasn’t actually homosexual and wasn’t interested in sex…. but I may have been if I had known anything about it…

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Instead, what I used to do was get home from school early and go straight to the maid’s room. When I would get there I would take all my clothes off ..then open the panty drawer.. I loved the heavy perfumed smell.. I loved the way shimmying in silk (or silky) panties  made me feel. I would dress up and then lie on her sheets and fantasize about being used as a sissy maid.  Or I would sit on her armchair and cross my legs and look at myself in the mirror as I squeezed my thighs together….

I would always finish of these little maid’s room sessions by going back to my room and would then masturbate with the panties on…  I did this for years… the maid didn’t say anything to mommy but I’m sure guessed that I was a sissy…

A Sissy Maid Day

A Sissy Maid Day – What is a typical day in the life of a sissy maid?


When your Mistress evaluates you based on the Sissy Maid Questionnaire & Test, she will determine how much preparation you need to begin your submission and service. You may need to lose weight, to

have your body hair removed, your hair done, your lashes and brows shaped and dyed, and of course, your manners…

The Mistress will map out an entire schedule for the reconstruction of your sissy habits. She may insist on your giving up your male clothes, your male life, your male identity….

She may, on the other hand, decide to take you on as a day maid only! Be prepared ….



The Morning of a Sissy Maid:


After a good sleep, the sissy maid wakes up early in the morning with her Mistress on her mind.

Once the sissy maid is dressed she should be ready to serve, at the bedside or the door to the Mistress’ chamber. If the sissy is scheduled to drive her Mistress, she needs to prepare the Mistress’ boots or shoes, coat and baggage. If a cook, she needs to prepare breakfast for her Mistress — on a tray, with flowers, and the paper, and perhaps an offer of a massage or a tonguing. If the mistress is also a chamber maid, she should be trained in manicures and pedicures, in massage, in hairstyling, and makeup. Some Mistresses wish to have their sissy maids assist with bathing, washing and rinsing her buttocks, her back, her legs, her feet.

While the Mistress takes her bath, the sissy maid coordinates her outfit for the day. If the sissy is styled in Fashion, she will have clothes, shoes, bag and jewelry matched up in advance, and she will drape the garments on the settee, or hang them in pretty arrangements in the manner the Mistress will wear them. She must always anticipate every need of the Mistress.

The sissy maid’s very purpose is to please the Mistress. Sometimes the sissy will enjoy her chores, sometimes not. She must appear the same way in each event, always behaving as if the chore is urgent and significant. The sissy maid must demonstrate her appreciation of the Mistress body, her personality, her beauty, her possessions. She must praise the dress, the hair, the makeup, the morning face, the powerful femininity.

The sissy maid is always on call, and the Mistress may use any method she chooses to guarantee that the sissy maid remains attentive, ready, and present for duty. A silver bell, an electronic prod, a remote control dildo beeper, a cell phone inserted into her core sex….


 Sissy Maid Afternoons:

Once the Mistress is made up and perfumed and has had one or two orgasms,  the sissy maid  prepares herself for use.

Sometimes she is  fucked, but more often she is forced to service the Mistress in a variety of measures, or simply to dress in bizarre and often humiliating costumes and walk in front of her. She shops with her, through the mail, or outdoors, in seedy lingerie shops, and dark little fetish stores. She may not pass at first, that is, she may still look more like a transvestite   than  a woman, but because she is fed one or two Feminization cocktails daily, she will feel her body changing. Her hair grows faster and longer, and her skin is softer and rounder and moister…

The sissy maid’s efforts are graded based on her dedication to her Mistress, her excellence at her domestic routines, and her readiness to sexualize her every act, for the pleasure of her Mistress.   Of course, any task that involves flesh on flesh contact with the Mistress is a treat which Sissy Maids covet.

A Sissy Maid’s Evening:

She is  strapped into the pleasure corset every night, and  audiotapes played underneath her pillow, and images of her transformed feminine body  dance in front of my eyes. If the sissy maid is on a sissy slut, cocksucking or humiliation track, then she is shown videos of soft penises, hard penises, men moaning in ecstasy, and made to suck  away at the penis shaped gag in her mouth, bucking with orgasmic energy. Again, the sissy maid should be trained in cooking and table design, serving the meal on heels and smelling faintly of yeast….

The sissy maid stands nearby to refill Mistress’wineglass  or feed her by hand if desired. The sissy maid serves desserts,and secures the entertainment for the night.   Each Mistress has different needs and desires, so
she may wish to have her bed turned down, she may not. It may even be a duty of the sissy maid to lay out the Mistress’s nightclothes, or even, attend to her bedtime pleasures.



Call Mistress Alexa and schedule your Sissy Maid Day