Personalized Sissy Beauty Day

While I was sleeping, my Mistress laid out my sissy clothes – panties, bra, petticoat, apron, — and made an appointment at the medical spa for a “day of beauty”. When I woke up, she had me dress up and drove me to the spa where took everything but my bra, tucked me in a plush pink terry cloth robe before tucking a powerful remote control butt plug inside me. The sofas were soft plush and pink, like the robe, and I was overwhelmed by the smell and feel of femininity.

After a full body wax I waited in the lounge where other clients were having hushed, gossipy conversations. I was scheduled for a couple of hypnosis sessions during which I floated away, waking up feeling like a slut with the vibrating butt plug on full speed.

Without turning it off the technician wheeled me into a treatment room, explaining that my Mistress had arranged for a little botox — “to plump out your lips”.

For the next hour — or was it two? –, the technician plumped up my lips. After each shot, she shaped and sculpted and tugged, and reassured me that I would L O V E the results –. She wouldn’t let me look in the mirror but showed me a chart with different lips on it, pointing to a pair of pillowy lips that curved in a pretty bow shape and looked ready to wrap around a fat cock. The tech smirked and said, your Mistress said she wanted every man to look at your mouth and think about their cock inside it. Deep inside it.

Call Alexa 888-411-1230 and find out why I submitted.