Judy, judy, Judy!

Judy, you are a little sissy girl. So you like to wear panties and bras and pantyhose. Do you know once you put them on sweetie? That there is no going back into being a man or a boy for you sweetie. You will wear our panties and bras like a real lady. You will learn to love them like us. You will learn all about being a girl from the inside and outside out. Like putting on makeup and doing your lips and carrying a purse and what do put in your beautiful pretty pink purse. You will shave and wear shirts and blouses like us. You will talk like a girl and feel like one with our hormones surging through your lovely new body with estrogen and progesterone in your veins. Making you feel very feminine and passive and weak like a woman. You will feel very submissive and sweetie you will learn to like men. You will read girly magazines and learn all about men and what they like. For you have a vagina or pussy to them and two nice breasts.

I will take you out shopping one of us girl’s favorite activities, shopping for lingerie and makeup. You will try on some new bras and panties in the ladies room. Then we will go the makeup counter and have them do you up in very nice powder and lipstick with some mascara. Oh yes dear Judy, you will learn as all of us girls do how to put your face together. Oh yes sweetie, you will learn how to apply foundation and concealer and mascara and eyeliner and mascara to your beautiful eyes and lips with lipstick. You will begin to feel and think like a woman and have those lovely feminine feelings and want to talk with us girls about your feelings.

So sweetie, you will wear panties like us girls and bras and learn to walk like a lady and carry a pocketbook or purse like a lady and look into it like a lady. Oh of course makeup, you learn all about makeup and lipstick and mascara and does it all like a girl. You will feel and think like a woman and feel like us during our period and go shopping and get your nails done so pretty. Oh and those feminine hormones will do something to your body and mind that change you into a becoming a woman. You will begin to feel and think like a heterosexual lady. Every day you will wake up and start your day like us girls by putting on your bra and panty matching of course.

Part Two
Well my dear Judy, you will be wearing a cock ring so your cock will be under control and wearing panties, so you will get used to be without having a cock on you.  You will realize that as a girl that you will have two nice sized breasts and a clitoris and pussy and a nice ass.
You will be concerned with your nails and hair and eye brows and mascara and lipstick and getting your nails done every two weeks. Plus since you are a female now having a period with menstrual cycles and feeling very emotional and sensitive and you cannot do anything about it but go with it. For you now sweetie, life is all about taking care of your beauty and going out as a woman, with all the stuff that we girls carry with us like pocketbook and compact and mascara and lipstick and eye shadow and powder and shopping for bras and panties and shirts and blouses and dresses. With being female comes lots of emotions and feelings that you have never felt as a man but now as a woman you will experience like being weak and passive and learning how to walk in high heels and carry a purse.
Since you are wearing a cock ring, you have no cock, you must feel like a weak little sissy, you don’t touch your privates as a woman, you feel your breasts and get used to having a pussy wet.

Breast Story Session

Breast Story Session

Vicki Tern’s story: Breasts offers a daffy but exciting theme to play out in a session.. You are unable to resist giving your clever, impetuous, ruthless wife anything her sex desires.. and after she has a breast enhancing operation she has only one overwhelming desire: that you too should have the same operation. She explains to you that you enjoy her lovely suckable tasty boobies: her boobies have provided you hours and hours of pleasure. She too wants to be able to suckle and feed off of your breasts, to taste what you have eaten on your nipples, to feed on the deliciousness that a special cocktail of hormones and magic medications produce in your breasts. What you have no breasts? Well that will change: you too will have the operation, and she will prepare you for it. She will share the news with all her best friends, post a photo of the breasts to be on your facebook page, and arrange with the good doctor that your breasts, your nipples, your skin, your aureolas will extend your sexuality — charge it up and concentrate it ….


Call Alexa and ask her for a  Breast Story Session

Imagine your Mistress licking inside you

As I was looking through xhamster yesterday, searching for a sweet way to train a new cocklover, I discovered a video of a Mistress preparing her sissy to be penetrated by a dildo.

And how she does this…? Look: http://xhamster.com/movies/1173714/cuckold_sissy_gets_dildo_fucked_by_mistress.html


Can you imagine  your Mistress licking inside you, preparing you with her tongue?

Then inserting an inflatable butt plug and blowing it up… and up…. and up

Call Mistress Alexa and ask for a phone fantasy about your Mistress licking inside you

All Day Session: Cock & Ball Torture



When you call you tell me that you have all day ! You are checked into a Hotel, at a conference , and  you want to text me and talk to me several times in between your meetings… You want an ALL DAY SESSION. A Stretched Out Cock and Ball Torture Session. I love that kind of infinite teasing, telling you to insert one thing, then the other, to put on a corset when you go to your first meeting, then after the second meeting I force you to go to the Ladies Room in the Hotel Lobby, buy a tampon in the machine, and use it! Your late morning snack? Well, let’s see… Go to your room, pull down your panties, take out your Cock. Spank your balls, and again. And put in the prostate milker. Ten minutes later you are back downstairs with a tummy full of come and the taste of spunk at the back of your throat…


Maybe this afternoon you can go to the Spa for a massage, and put your overstretched cock into a CB6000 – extrashort! — before you lie on the table and get petted.   Don’t groan too much.. I’ll be listening as  you tell the Massage Therapist that you were sent to her by your Mistress, who is training you to Serve Women….

The Making of a Tranny Whore by Joe Limp

by Joe Limp

While putting on his makeup to transform himself into
Josephine, Joe finally had some time to think about how his
life had changed in the past year and a half. He thought
back to his senior year of high school. Joking around with
his friends and getting laid all the time. Joe wasn’t the
most athletic guy, he was 5’8″ and 145 pounds but it didn’t
take long for the girls to find out about his 11 inch cock.
The word got out after his first gym class freshman year.
The boys would shower after class. The very next day Joe
had girls coming on to him. The girls where eager to get
some of the 11 inches, and Joe would oblige every last one.
Then half way thru his senior year his mom was killed in a
car accident. Joe never knew his Dad. Suddenly he was all

His future looked bleak. Joe wasn’t going to college. He
hated school work. A matter of fact he hated all work. All
Joe wanted to do was fuck. And he had gotten quite good at

Joe moved in with a friend of his mom’s named Susan. She
worked as a waitress with Joe’s mom. Joe was trying to
figure out what to do after high school. He figured he
would find some entry level job and see what happens. But
until then he decided he was going to have some fun and fuck
as many of his classmates as possible.

Each day after school he would bring another girl home and
bang the shit out of her. On this particular day it was a
girl name Beth. Beth was a hot junior that Joe had fucked
before. She was the only girl that he had been with that
allowed him to fuck her ass. He wanted that ass bad. They
came home and went directly to Joe’s bedroom. Susan
wouldn’t be home from work until 5 so they had plenty of

They immediately began to make out. Joe’s hands quickly
moved to Beth’s tits. She had those nice perky tits. Not
that large but she had great nipples. Joe expertly took of
her bra and moved his lips to her tits. Those nipples
sprang to life. As he sucked on her nipples he moved his
hands lower. He reached under her skirt and began to
message her clit. She was already wet as can be. He took
off her skirt and panties leaving her in her stockings and
garter belt. He then pulled away from her and took off his
shirt. Beth unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. His
boxers were next. She took his limp cock in her mouth
slowly began to suck it. She swirled her tongue around the
tip and it began to grow. As it became hard she took more
and more of it into her mouth. Soon she was bobbing up and
down on it. She pushed her head down on it taking as much
of it as she could. At the beginning she could only get
about half of it in her mouth. She worked it in and out,
pushing it deeper into her mouth until she was able to get
most of it down her throat. Joe loved it.

He pulled her head off his cock and said, “I want to fuck
you.” Beth quickly lied down on the bed and spread her
legs. Joe pulled her legs up and put them over his
shoulders. He pushed the tip of his cock into her pussy as
she moaned. He slowly slid his cock into her. When he got
all the way in he stopped, waited a few seconds, and then
pulled his cock out of her. He did this two more times.
Stretching her pussy for what was to come. Once he felt she
was ready he pumped her hard. He fucked her fast and
furious. She was moaning and screaming to fuck her harder.
This turned on Joe. He continued to fuck her hard until he
felt he was going to cum. He pulled out and replaced his
cock with his fingers. He finger fucked her until he no
longer was on the verge of cumming.

He then flipped Beth over and grabbed the KY jelly. He put
some lub on her ass as she was begging him to fuck her ass.
He lubbed up his cock and then shoved his forefinger up her
but. She let out a moan of pleasure. He began stretching
her ass. First one finger then another until he had three
finger deep in her ass. Beth was begging him to use his
dick. So he did. He positioned the tip of his cock on her
butt hole. Once again he slowly pushed it in. At first
there was pressure pushing against him. As Beth relaxed the
muscles of her ass he was able to push in deeper. In no
time he was all the way in. Again he waited so Beth could
composer herself. She was screaming in pain/pleasure. Her
screams slowly changed to moaning. She then began to move
her ass pulling slightly away from Joe and back to him. Joe
stayed still, letting Beth control the tempo. She started
moving slowly eventually picking up the pace. Pretty
quickly they were banging away again. Beth begging for
faster and harder. Joe was loving it. He was also ready to
blow his load.

He told her so and pulled out of her ass. She quickly
turned around and began sucking his cock. Seconds later he
began exploding is sperm in her mouth. She swallowed as
quickly as she could. She did a great job but couldn’t take
it all. Cum was rolling down her cheeks. She looked up at
Joe with such a huge smile of satisfaction. He then took
his finger and fed her the rest of his cum. Joe then
suggested they take a shower to clean themselves up.

As they got up to take a shower they were surprised to see
Susan standing in the doorway. Susan had come home early
from work. When she came in she couldn’t help but see what
was going on. It was a small apartment and the bedroom was
in plain sight from the front door. With all the screaming
and moaning the kids never herd her come in. Once Susan saw
Joe’s cock she was mesmerized. She stood in the doorway
watching. She had raised her waitress skirt and was playing
with herself.

Beth was mortified. She grabbed her cloths and ran to the
bathroom. Joe stood there, not knowing what to do. Susan
walked over to Joe and whispered into his ear, “You have a
beautiful cock.” She took it in her hand and started to rub
it. Joe decided to go with the flow. Susan was about 40
years old and was beginning to show her age. She was still
pretty but as all 40 year olds her body was starting to sag
a little.

Susan got Joe hard, pushed him to the bed and mounted him.
She was still dressed in her uniform. She needed him inside
her. She fucked Joe like he was never fucked before. He
felt things that he never felt before. He was amazed at how
great a fuck Susan was. He held out as long as possible but
he soon blew a load deep inside of Susan. They both
collapsed on the bed. They laid there in each others arms.
Beth had left without saying anything.

From that day forward Joe gave up fucking high school girls
and moved on to the middle aged women. He realized that
women in their 30’s and 40’s knew how to fuck. Most of the
girls in high school didn’t.

Joe fucked Susan regularly. She taught him the pleasures
and techniques of oral sex. She even shared him with her
girlfriends. Threesomes, foursomes, the more the merry for
Joe. The women didn’t have quite the hard bodies that the
younger girls did but they had two things high school girls
didn’t have. Knowledge and money. These women knew how to
have great sex and they took pretty good care of Joe.

Joe knew what he was going to do after high school. He was
going to move to where there were wealthy women. He was
going to fuck them for a living. So after high school Joe
moved to New York City.

He got a room in a boarding house and started to look for
middle aged women with money. Joe started to talk to the
other guys living at the boarding house and found out that
one of them was a bartender. His name was Kevin. Kevin
told Joe that if he was looking to get laid to come by later
that night. Joe told Kevin that he was only 18. Kevin said
that it didn’t matter. The owner was not going to be there
tonight and he would take care of things. He also made a
remark the got Joes attention. Kevin had said, “I hope you
like older ladies because the cougars will be out tonight.”
Joe didn’t know what Kevin had meant by cougars but was
pretty happy to hear about the older ladies.

That night around 10, Joe headed over the bar Kevin was
working at. He walked up the bar and ordered a beer from
Kevin. Kevin opened a Bud and put in front of Joe and asked
him if he wanted to run a tab. At that point a woman a
couple stools away told Kevin to put it on her tab. Joe
took his beer and went to thank the women. He went and
introduced himself and thanked her for the beer. She
introduced herself has Stacy. Joe and Stacy talked for a
while and had are few more drinks. Stacy insisted on paying
for all the drinks. After some flirting Stacy suggested
they find a more comfortable setting and invited Joe back to
her place. He readily agreed. They left the bar and a limo
pulled up. The driver got out and opened the door. Stacy
got in so Joe followed her. Joe was thinking to himself,
WOW!! The first night in town and I find exactly what I’m
looking for.

As they drove back to Stacy’s place she said, “I hope you
don’t mind, but my husband likes to watch.” The look of
confusion was clear on Joe’s face. So Stacy continued, “My
husband is a wealthy businessman. He likes to watch me fuck
young men. Don’t worry; you will not have to do anything
you don’t want to. Just come up and see what happens. It
will be well worth it.” Well, Joe didn’t have much money
and the well worth it comment sounded promising so he went
ahead and joined them.

The limo pulled up to a huge skyscraper and the doorman
opened the door. Stacy got out and Joe followed. Into the
elevator and up to the penthouse. The elevator opened right
into the apartment. Joe was following Stacy when she
suddenly turned around and started kissing him. Things
moved quickly. Before he knew it they were both naked and
he was between her legs giving her the best oral she had
ever had. After her second orgasm she pulled him on top of
her and they began to fuck. Joe fucked her in every
position imaginable. She came multiple times. Finally he
told her he had to cum. She told him blow his load all over
her face. Joe stopped fucking her, moved into position and
blew a huge load in her face. Stacy sucked his cock dry.
At this point Joe noticed a man about 50 years old in a
business suit sitting in a chair watching.

The man said, “Very well done young man. You are very
skilled for such a young man.” Joe froze. Didn’t know what
to do or say. The man continued, “Stacy, are you
satisfied?” Stacy shook her head in the affirmative.
“Great”, he said “Now I have a proposition for you young
man. Being you satisfied my wife and allowed me to watch I
will give you $500.00. If you come over hear and jerk me
off, I will give you $5000.00”

Joe asked, “Just jerk you off? No blow job or anything?”

Joe got up, walked over to the man, pulled down his pants
and jerked him off. It took about 5 minutes but the man
finally blew his load. The man got up and said, “Well done
again young man.” He pulled up his pants, took out $5000
cash and handed it to Joe. Joe thanked him. The man then
left the room.

The man replied, “No blow job or anything, just a hand job.”

Stacy and Joe dressed and Stacy walked Joe to the door. She
knew from their conversation that Joe was new to the city.
She thanked Joe for the incredible fuck and told him that
she knew the perfect girl for him. She insisted on setting
them up the very next day. Joe agreed. Stacy said she
would send a car for him. Joe, not wanting Stacy to know
where he lived asked her to send it to the bar where they
met and she agreed.

Stacy’s driver took Joe back to the bar. Joe couldn’t
believe his luck. On his first day in the big city he
hooked up with a women, had great sex, made 5 grand
(although he wasn’t excited about having to jerk a guy off
for it) and has a date setup the next night.

The next day Joe purchased a suit for his date. He got
cleaned up and dressed and headed to the bar. As he walked
up to the bar Stacy’s car also pulled up. The driver got
out and opened the door. Stacy called out to Joe, “Come on
Joe, get in the car. I can’t wait for you to meet Alexa!”

Joe got in the car and Stacy started talking, “Alexa is such
a wonderful women. She is 41 years old and runs a very
successful business. She works very hard and doesn’t have
time to meet many men. She is cute 5’10” about 155 pounds
and very sweet.” Joe herd very sweet and began to worry.
Every guy knows that when a woman describes her girlfriend
as sweet that means ugly. But what the hell..She has money.

They reached the restaurant and were seated immediately.
Joe was impressed. Such a fancy place and everyone there
knew Stacy. We sat down and ordered drinks while we waited
for Alexa. Stacy blurted out, “Here she is!” as she jumped
up and greeted Alexa. “Alexa this is Joe, Joe Alex” Joe
got up and extended his had while he eyeballed Alexa. Alexa
said “Nice to meet you.” We went to sit down when Stacy
excused herself. She made some bad excuse of why she had to
leave and then left.

Joe was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Alexa was far from
ugly. She was not a beautiful women but cute enough. The
two sat and had dinner. They had a great conversation and
they both seemed to really like each other. After dinner,
which Alexa paid for, they went for drinks. They had a
great time together. They really hit it off. It was 4 am
before they knew it. Alexa invited Joe up to her place for
another drink. They both knew it wasn’t for a drink. Joe
eagerly accepted.

When they got up to her apartment Joe took her in his arms
and kissed her deeply. He knew this was the most important
sex of his life. If he could get this woman to fall for him
he would be all set.

Joe made passionate love to Alexa. He took his time and
made sure to pleasure her. He pleased her in many different
ways. When they were done he held her in his arms as she
fell asleep.

The next morning they woke and had a nice breakfast
together. The conversation was again excellent. Alexa had
to leave and go to work but she asked Joe to stay. When she
got home they made love again and again. She was hooked.

After just 2 weeks Alexa asked Joe to marry her! Joe was
shocked and taken aback by the proposal. After all is it
not the man’s job to propose? But this was exactly what he
wanted. He could live the good life and not have to work.
The sex with Alexa was not the best, but he could always get
a little on the side. He decided to accept the proposal.

Alexa was a lot like Joe. She had no family. So they
decided that a small wedding, just a couple of witnesses
would do. Alexa had a friend that was a reverend and he
would marry them. Stacy and her husband would be the
witnesses. The wedding took place that Friday.

Joe moved in with Alexa and began to live the good life.
They had a live in maid Camille. Joe spent most days at
home. He and Camille got along great. He was very
attracted to her. After a couple of weeks of boring sex
with Alexa he decided to flirt a little with Camille and see
where things led. Camille very quickly let Joe know that
she was up for some fun.

Joe began by kissing Camille on her neck. They made out for
a while as Joe fondled her breasts. Before long they were
in her room, naked and going at it. Joe went right for her
pussy. Licking and slurping. He ate her until she was
screaming with pleasure. He then slid his tongue from her
pussy to her ass. At first he licked the rim. Slowly he
pushed his tongue in deeper. They both loved it. Joe ate
her ass until she was begging to be fucked. He slid his
huge cock into her doggy style. She yelled, “Not my
pussy!!! I want it in my ass!!!!” Joe was psyched! He
pulled out and looked around for some lub. He didn’t see
any. He asked Camille if she had any. She replied, “I
don’t need any fucking lub! I need that huge cock up my
ass!!!!” Joe was like, OK and began to push the tip into
her bunghole. As he pushed his cock in he couldn’t believe
that Camille could take his 11 inches so easily. He slid it
in and began fucking her ass. She was controlling her ass
muscles so well it felt like she was milking his cock with
them. It was incredible. Now Joe was very experienced and
could normally hold out for a long time. But not in this
ass!!! Joe pumped her ass a couple of times and then had
the most incredible orgasm of his life.

Joe fell on top of Camille and said, “Where did you learn to
use your ass like that?”

She said, “You will see.”

Joe didn’t understand but he didn’t care either. That was
the best sex he had ever had.

As the weeks went on Joe began going out during the day and
picking up women to fuck. He was bored with Alexa. Camille
was great and they had sex often, but Joe didn’t want to
risk Alexa walking in on them. The women were never the
same but the hotel was. He got into a nice routine. Pick
up a woman, take her to the hotel and fuck. Some days the
sex was great other days not so great. Then Joe would go
home and do his husbandly duties and fuck Alexa.

That was until a package came in the mail for Joe one day.
Camille brought it in to Joe first thing in the morning. It
was a little strange as Joe never got anything in the mail.
Joe waited for Camille to leave and then opened the package.
He was shocked at what he saw. In the package were pictures
of Joe having sex with the women in the hotel. There also
was a note. It read:

Come to the hotel. Same room at 10:00 AM sharp. If you
don’t show I will send these to your wife.

Joe started to think. What does this guy want? How am I
going to take care of this? He figured he would go to the
hotel and try and settle this.

Exactly at 10:00 AM Joe knocked on the door. A mans voice
said to enter. Joe did. He walked in and the man was
sitting at the table. The table had copies of the pictures
on it. Joe said to the man, “What do you want?” The man
responded, “Shut the fuck up. I’m running this meeting.
Sit down and listen.”

Joe sat down. The man continued, “Alexa hired me to see if
you were cheating on her. Obviously you are. I took these
pictures. I’m going to give you a choice. Do what I tell
you and I will not send Alexa the pictures. Don’t and I
will and you will be out the door.”

Joe was between a rock and a hard place. If he didn’t give
this man what he wanted Joe would be sent packing back to
the boarding house. Joe didn’t want that so he told the man
he would do anything. Just don’t tell Alexa.

The man told Joe to go into the bathroom. There is an
outfit there. Take the cloths that you have on now off and
put the outfit on and then come back out here.

Joe went to the bathroom to find a pair of stocking, garter
belt and bra. Joe thought about it for a minute and decided
that he didn’t want to lose what he had so he undressed and
began to put on the pantyhose. He was a master of getting
these things off but struggled to put them on. Once the
pantyhose, garter belt and bra were on he turned to go back
out. That’s when he noticed the high heels. He put them on
and stumbled back to the table.

When Joe was in the bathroom the man had setup a movie
camera on a tripod. He was taping everything. He also had
a still camera that he was taking pictures with. He ordered
Joe to pose seductively. Joe did. The man then ordered Joe
to come stand in front of him. Joe did. He ordered Joe to
get on his knees. Joe did. He pulled down his pants and
ordered Joe to suck his cock. Joe took the man’s limp cock
into his mouth and sucked on it. As it got hard Joe
continued to suck it. Joe looked out of the side of his eye
and could see on the TV what the video camera was recording.
He could see himself sucking this mans cock. He was
disgusted. At the same time he felt his own cock standing
straight up. How could this be? Joe thought. I’m sucking
cock and getting hard?

At that moment the man pulled out of Joe’s mouth and ordered
him to get on the bed. Joe did. He took the panties off of
Joe. He plopped a wad of lub on his dick, pulled Joe’s legs
over his shoulders and started to fuck Joe’s ass. Joe
screamed in pain. The man had an average size penis but it
hurt like hell. The man didn’t care about Joe screaming.
He continued to fuck Joe’s ass. After a while the man
pulled out and told Joe to get on all fours. Joe did. The
man then entered Joe doggie style. Joe was at a 90 degree
angle from the movie camera at this point so he had a good
view of the man fucking him. Once again Joe saw his cock
was rock hard. The pain in his ass had now subsided. It
actually was starting to feel good. As the man fucked Joe
he found himself liking it. He began to move in unison. A
sense of orgasm was coming over Joe. Before he knew it his
cock started to spasm. Loads of his cum were squirting on
the bed below him. Nothing had even touched his dick, yet
he was coming. It was the most intense orgasm of his life.

The man then pulled out of Joe’s ass and ordered him to turn
around. Joe did. The man started to fuck Joe’s face. Joe
opened wide and took as much of the cock as he could. The
man soon blew his load down Joe’s throat. Joe swallowed it
all without being ordered to do so.

The man then took pictures of Joe’s stretched ass and cum
covered face. He told Joe come back tomorrow at the same
time or the pictures go to your wife. He then left.

Joe was spent, excited, disgusted, horny and confused. What
happened? What should he do? He just was forced to have
gay sex and he enjoyed it. If he comes back tomorrow the
guy is probably going to fuck him again. But when will it
end. Joe decided that he would go back the next day and see
where it went.

Joe cleaned himself up and went home. He and Alexa had
dinner, spent a nice evening together and had sex. The
whole time Joe was fucking Alexa he was thinking about what
happened earlier and wishing that it was he who was getting

The next morning Joe woke up and had breakfast with Alexa.
During breakfast Alexa told Joe that she met a man yesterday
that had long hair and she thought it looked nice. She
asked Joe if he would consider growing his hair as it really
turned her on. Joe told Alexa that he would think about it.

Alexa left for work and Joe left for the hotel. He entered
the room and the man was sitting at the table again. The
man ordered Joe to come and sit down. Joe did. The man
said, “My name is Mike. As you know your wife hired me to
see if you were fooling around. I’m going to make some
money here. Your wife pays me to follow you but how are you
going to pay me? I’ll tell you. I’m going to pimp you out.
You are my little whore now. You are going to show up here
everyday at 9:30. There will be an outfit in the bathroom
everyday. You will put it on along with the makeup that
will be there. Once made up you will be known as Josephine.
At 10:30 you will hear a knock at the door. You open the
door and let the man in. Don’t say anything. Drop to your
knees, take his cock out and suck him off. When he is done
he will leave and soon after you will hear another knock.
You will do the same. This will continue the whole day. Do
you understand?”

Joe said that he understood. “Good. Now go get dressed.”
Mike said.

Joe did.



Trained For Service

Keywords: female domination, Mistress, Watersports, enema, training, surrender

Two women and three men sat around a table nursing drinks. Emma and James had been married for seven years, Kay and Peter six. Darla, a widow, had just remarried.
We miss you, Darla, Emma said.
Darla shrugged… “well, its not to be helped, ” she said.  John is still adjusting to married life…
“As I see it,” Emma said , we have three problems. One, we were all happy with our former arrangements, but your new husband won’t play. Which means that you wont either. A pity…”.

“The other problem is that we crave it more than our husbands do… and can’t do with just a few times a week…” She paused to take a sip from her dacquiri. ”

And then.. well.. number three is: we like anal and oral, with swallowing, B and D, humiliation, coming on demand, no limits…, and well, our husbands aren’t going to give us everything we want any time soon.” Emma fnished.

Here’s what I just found out. There’s a woman, a trained nurse who was at a boys school in Switzerland. It seemed she like to experiment with the boys, capture them, brainwash them, make them into total sex slaves. She had the little boys serving all the female staff members. It excited her, I suppose.” She was caught and had to leave the school, and she’s living here now. In Connecticut. She was hired as a housekeeper except that her employers who happened to have a teenage son, found out t hat she had this weekness for bondage… and brainwashing… and fired her. But now she’s available and I think she can work a miracle with John.


To be continued…

Ava Taurel

Ava Taurel:  Visiting My Childhood Home by Eva Norvind

As I stood there and stared at the old wooden house where I once lived as a child, the impact was very strong. My mother had never made me forget I was born the daughter of Price Paulovi Chegodaf Sakonsky, and we lived in my mother’s stately family home where we couldn’t afford the maintenance. I was afraid to enter the building which had now become government property and declared a national landmark. This was my first trip back to Norway after having lived many years in different countries.

With the exception of the big chestnut, tree, the large garden was completely run down. Gone was the gazebo where my mother used to tell me fairy tales, gone was the doll house where I first played mommy and daddy games with the neighborhood children. The ground was hardened courtyard now, while in those days the earth was pliable, as my younger brother and I would dig bones out of the garden and hide them in the basement. We had quite a collection of skeletons from the monks that had been buried here a century earlier, when our property was a monastery. Next to the doll house I had found a dead bird which I had brought to my mother. It was my first encounter with death aside from the skeletons. Sometimes I had been visited by a long gowned, dark clad woman with the face of a dead bird. My mother had convinced me this was not a dream but the ghost of one of the monks.

This day I rang the doorbell of the building where I had spent the first seven years of my life. A man in working clothes opened the door. He told me he was a sculptor. All the rooms in the house were now studios for artists with scholarships. I explained my visit and asked if I could walk around. I was grateful he opened the doors for me and let me be by myself.

I looked out of the windows that once had seemed so large. I saw myself as a little girl running across the yard with food coupons for the nearby store. I didn’t remember the bombings by the Germans, nor the shelters where we would hide underground, as I was one year old when the war ended. I did remember how scarce the food was during the years that followed as we used to present coupons in order to eat.

Both my parents had worked as translators for the Nazi party in Norway . They wore Nazi uniforms and had read “Mein Kampf”. They claim they never knew the horrors that were happening then. A an adult I have often asked myself which were the values of these parents who had engendered me and who had given me so much love. Even if they were ignorant of many things, what could motivate anyone to work for someone who invades your homeland? As a Russian refugee Prince, living in fear of Communism and without a work permit, my father worked for the Nazis because only they would give him work. But what would excuse my mother? My father fainted once when he was asked to translate during the torture of a Russian who was believed to be a Communist . As both my parents slowly awaked to the Nazi injustice, they starting passing information to the Resistance.

After a time in prison and after the war, my father was completely cleared through a process in court which showed his many courageous deeds. He was therefore granted Norwegian citizenship. In the years to follow, they both developed strong favoritism towards anyone who was Jewish, to a point which makes me wonder if they unconsciously tried to compensate for their initial guilt feelings. My father is now married to a Jewish woman from St. Petersburg. He claims he might be Jewish himself as he believes he is the son of a Jewish physician with whom his mother had an affair while distanced from her husband.

Most of my mother’s paintings and sculptures were commissioned by Jewish people. She has also had several Jewish lovers and talks of being Jewish as being better than anyone else. I’m almost afraid of letting her know who of my friends are Jewish because she tends to forget that they are normal people, and treats them as Superhumans.

I walked around in the space that had been our living room, then filled with heavy antique furniture, now filled with heavy memories. In this space the family had been united. We had spent loving moments together here and had decorated many Christmas trees. It was also in this space that my father told my brother and me that there was no God anymore, as he showed us a small wooden figure which he called Bugada. “This might as well be God,” he claimed. It was here I secretly cut out pictures from my father;s newspaper of Stalin, which I hid under my pillow at night. I worshiped Stalin as one would worship a forbidden fruit. I found him terribly attractive, and I was fearful my father would find out.

It was in this same living room that I met my father’s women. Their beauty made a memorable impression on me. Astrid, with jet black hair, white skin, red lips and dressed in deep violet, reminded me of Snow White grown up. Her sister, Ella, had curly brown, short hair and a friendly smile and dressed in pink. While Astrid would talk to me, Ella sometimes would give me a bath. They were both my father’s lovers. Confident that he would faithfully return to her, my mother introduced him to women she knew he would find attractive.

My father was a virgin when he married my mother. She found it natural for a man to know more than one women in his life. There was a succession of beautiful women, but my father never returned to monogamy. Once my mother contemplated suicide. She was thinking of jumping off the train when my father let one of his mistresses join us during our summer vacation. He dreamt of going to Morocco and having a harem. My mother, who was wonderful with the children, he thought, would educate any offspring he might have from other women. With this in mind, he assiduously studied Arabic and only allowed Arabic music to be played at home. I spent hours looking at his complete and illustrated collection of 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS.

One day a tall, blond Viking delivered sand for our sandbox. As I looked out the window at the hard ground outside, I bitterly remembered the sand which was the instrument which would change my life. My mother took us to the sand mountain and asked us what we though of the man who had become her friend. Naturally we like him since he let us glide down the mountain. Little did we know then that soon afterwards she would run away from my father, take us with her, and eventually marry her new friend. We were not allowed to see our father again until many years later.

Alexa’s Note: One cleans one’s storage spaces. One finds things. These typed pages were given to me to read by Ava several years before her Mexican death.

Loving your control over me.

Loving your control over me. (A letter)

Hello Mistress. I can’t stop thinking about You and Your beautiful voice inside of me, changing me, little by little. It’s inevitable, I’ve become Your slutty little whore, hanging on Your every word, waiting for any opportunity to prove myself to You. My beautiful, powerful Mistress, please control me. I need You to take possession of Your filthy, sissy whore and force me to take female hormones so that You can then force me to do things I can no longer say no to. Please Mistress, allow me to prove myself to You. Let me prove to You how I can generate income for you swelling my slutty lips, tongue an throat by sucking men willing to pay you for it. Force me to make my slutty sissy body more usable and purposeful for You by opening my sissy pretty legs in the air to be taken by real men who desire little sissies like me to swallow their cum. Force me to stick my pretty ass in the air to be taken and have long thick beautiful cocks penetrate my pussy. Please, pleeease make my more useful to You as your prized transsexual panty wearing slut. Fill me with your words and thoughts turning me into a beautiful woman for Your use, Your pleasure. Fill my every hole with men’s cocks and cover me with their cock nectar. Have me drink of the pleasure your control over me provides. Take me and mold me into your slutty transsexual for Your pleasure and use. Your pretty pink baby doll wearing sissy panty slut waiting to be whored for Your usefulness, M.

PS please give me a sissy name like Jessica or Monica so I can feel prettier. Loving your control over me.

I want to curl at your feet and kiss your shoe, your boots.

I want to curl at your feet and kiss your shoe, your boots.

Hello my sweet Mistress,
I hope you are doing well when you receive this. I can’t tell you how happy it has made me to see your reply. It’s like I’m transformed into a happy feminine little slut at the site of your response. I’m so exited to see you posted my email on Sissyphone. My heart dropped at the thought of my name being posted but I must say, there is something to giving up power and control to a strong beautiful woman and the thought of you putting my name on it made me weak in my knees. I want to give up total control to you my Mistress. I want it to be known I’m your whore. My clitty has swollen up again. I don’t think I even get hard for sex anymore. Nothing matches you and the control you have over me. I know this is fantasy, but I long so much to be your property. The line between reality and fantasy is such a blur right now. Please humiliate me. I want to curl at your feet and kiss your shoe, your boots. I need you to slap me st gain control of my sissy ass. I want you to grab me by my hair and force my face into a huge beautiful delicious fat cock. Force me to slurp up his wonderful cum. I love you Mistress. Take me.

Deliciously thrilling dressing up in something much more frilly

Oh, my!!
How deliciously thrilling it was to have received two messages with feminizing instructions from you.
I just arrived back at my apartment and had to check my emails for a piece of
business when I saw your name appear, not once but twice.
Of course, I immediately opened your messages first . I became flushed
throughout my face and body and had this strange urge to change into something
much more frilly and don the heels with which I have been traversing the apartment
recently, as per your “suggestion”. Much more comfortable now in softer attire, I have come back to pen this note. Today I was within the constriction of day clothes, consisting of a black,low-neckline frilly blouse, tight black slacks,black lacy bra and panties,because I was dealing with men and wanted to insure that they would be eager to accommodate me. I am now listening to the alluring voice, subtle teasing and mesmerizing aura of a short, black with pink piping, chiffon nightie, panties and heels.
I would have preferred not to wear the panties but the nightie doesn’t quite cover well enough under me when I sit at the computer.
I am not bringing this all up in some pathetic attempt to impress you, but because I wish to let you know that your advice was well taken. You had told me that wearing
much more sensuous, feminine attire at home would make me feel much more womanly, alluring and alive. So far, this advice has had that exact effect.
Considerably more surprising, wearing the heels has dramatically improved my balance, posture and poise. After just a few days, I am still a bit awkward, but I see daily improvement and am confident that soon I will be totally comfortable, having internalized a much better sense of feminine deportment…..sort of a short course in one aspect of a finishing school curriculum . I expect that the new thrill of it all will
wane, and that is how it should be, but for right now I love riding the high. It is wonderful incentive.

Now, as to the story, it is the one on page 24 from your site. Of course, I had to mentally adapt it to my being a female student. The allure? Your voice, soft but incisive, making me focus on your sensuous/sexual presence.You are making me aware of my interest as well as your awareness of my “predicament”. You cause me to admit verbally that I am totally entranced by you. (I swear I can even smell your perfumed scent). Then there is the overall beauty of being able to completely abandon any feelings of resistance, knowing I am protected and safe to live totally in the moment.
Your verbalizing of it all is quite necessary to the overall feeling of being encompassed by the situation, being in a warm, delightful womb, in a way.

Coming back to the realities of life, it is a good thing I put on the panties….moisture, you know. Sigh.
Other stories that have affected me are portions of many stories in Sandy Thomas books. Specifically, I am attracted to the being guided by a strong, knowing mother, aunt, or other older woman into a life of femininity. Where these stories fail me comes
in the “what next” department. When the cocoon is shed, the butterfly usually ends up in a relationship with a man. As you know, my preference would be to do my fluttering about a strong, sensuous woman.

One last thing from our phone conversation that I have not yet addressed is the feminizing of my apartment.That is in my mind and will get accomplished in due course as I become more comfortable in these new surroundings.

Thank you ever so much, once again, for the messages. I would be delighted to receive more (she says hopefully).

Peace, Love, Joy, and good health,

If a Sissy Maid Behaves Badly

If a Sissy Maid Behaves Badly

A sissy is and must remain insecure and emotional to be able to please his demanding mistress. Sissies who are insecure need daily if not hourly affirmation that they are useful, and usable; that they are worthy of their Mistress, that they have done something good, or something almost good. Sissies need praise, and blame. They need rewards, and the also need punishment.

Spankings are excellent ways to punish sissies because they humiliate, infantilize, and mark the body as a possession of the Mistress.

When a sissy is naughty she needs to be punished; and  she knows that she must be punished. It is important for the Mistress to punish the sissy as soon as possible after the bad behavior, or the sissy will become confused. Sissies must be told why they are being punished, and they must be told how they will be punished, and also that the Mistress will enjoy the punishment!   Not punishing a sissy can be cruel and every owner should realize and remember this.  An over the knee

spanking in a punishment dress with hands locked behind his back and skirt and

petticoats up then time in the corner preferably in front of others is the best

overall method.


Call Mistress Alexa and tell her you want a role playing session about: If a Sissy Maid Behaves Badly

Public or Private Punishment for Sissy Maids?

Explain that your sissy needs punishment and public humiliation to atone for his mistakes.Have the sissy kneel in front of the witnesses in his punishment dress which I recommend be a little girls party dress style very frilly, full of ruffles and lace and mostly pink. I require the sissy to lift his skirt and show his punishment panties which have “bad sissies get spanked” on the bottom. He must then explain why he is wearing the dress and what he has done to require a punishment. He is then required to turn and have his hands locked behind him, placed over a lap mine or some one else’s, spoken too about his punishment as his dress and petticoats are brushed over his back and placed in his hands to hold. This is followed by a severe spanking, never give a few slaps but really beat his ass as the saying goes. He should be crying, kicking and pleading all at the same time. If he is not spanked this way it is NOT a lesson and it does NO good. He must say he is sorry in a very sincere manner which may require multiple tries by him and he must repeat what he did and that he will never do it again. When the spanking is done there should be mascara streaming down his cheeks, his bottom should be redder than his pink panties and he should be sobbing. Next stood on his feet he should attempt to curtsey to each witness even though his hands are still fastened behind his back and to thank each witness for helping him to become a better and more obedient sissy. If possible each witness should require more than one attempt at this apology and thank you. Then he shall be directed to the corner to stand with skirt and petticoat held up for at least a half hour but not more than an hour. Photos and recordings of the event are a wonderful addition as is a transcript of what was said. I have hung photos and a transcript on the wall of Sissies bedroom for a reminder in the past. The transcript being signed by the sissy and witnesses. I assure you that done properly and with the right level of witnesses a sissy will quickly toe the line and strive to be good and obedient. While a half hearted attempt will fail miserably.


Rewarding Good Behavior in a Sissy Maid

Rewarding Good Behavior in a Sissy Maid

The sissy maid who follows her Mistress’ orders to the letter and thereby completes round one of her sissy maid training, may be entitled to hold what is known as a sissy maid party. Now, that is to say that the sissy will not encounter a break from her duties as a sissy maid, but rather her skills will be showcased as such at a dinner party or a special event. The purpose of the sissy maid party is to create an environment in which the trainee is able to shine and show off her finely-honed skills acquired during her sissy maid training.

This is a wonderful opportunity for her to prove to her Mistress that she can plan and execute a special event with panache, flair and grace. The sissy maid, may, under the direction of her Mistress, plan the menu, the theme, the location, etc., of the sissy maid party. For her, it is a bit of a “coming out” party, or a debutante-type event. However, unlike those parties, where the person of honor relaxes and is served by staff, at the sissy maid party, she is the staff.

Back to rewards, there are more sissies being self trained than under the

tutelage of Mistress or Master and self discipline of this nature is impossible.

Truly the difference in how I m able to green train a sissy in three days and

fully train one in a month compared to many years of self training, however such

as it is rewards will work for both those sissies under a trainer or being self

trained. Anything feminine, submissive, humiliating, subjugating is a reward!

It’s really quite simple. A sissy strives to improve into a useful, pleasant,

serving creature. Any of the aforementioned are rewards. This can be panties and

bras, makeup or falsies, heels or gags; they are all needed, wanted and coveted

by a sissy so they are rewards. For the self trainer make out cards with each

item on them. You can put down pink panties on one, ruffled panties on another.

And in fact lest get the group involved and some one create a comprehensive list

of rewards. The list should include clothing, makeup, toys, and also outings,

for example a reward may be to get all dolled up and go to a gas station and

fill your gas tank while all dolled up. Then make up a second list of if you do

this so if you throw all your male underwear away you get to chose from the box

with the rewards in it. If you subscribe to a ladies magazine in your own name

you get to choose, if you clean the house with curtains open in your maids

uniform you get to choose you get the idea. In the case of being owned your

owner can choose the task and you can or they can choose the rewards. BUT you

get only one reward per week even though you may have to perform 7 tasks to get

to make that one choice.

Sissie will tell you that for him serving at a party is the ultimate reward. Yes

he will also tell you how it terrified him in the beginning but as soon as the

serving started he calmed down and fit his role perfectly and took and takes

great pride in being the perfect sissy maid. He is so intense on proving his

value and competence that he actually looks forward to challenges from guests to

show his feminization training has allowed him to overcome any obstacle. There

is little that give a sissy a greater sense of self being, worth and

satisfaction than serving a s a perfect sissy maid in front of a group of people

who know his status. To be seen and known as a complete pantied sissy while his

wife sits at a dinner often with her lover and table full of guests and serve

them to their amazement and great satisfaction is the ultimate for a sissy maid.

They will glow for days afterward and strive to be even better the next time, I

love to hear them talk about how they could do a better job the next time and

see their enthusiasm for their work. They clean better and faster and with a

smile and joy in their heart after such an event.


When I woke up I was naked on the bed, naked and undressed. I stretched lazily. Immediately I felt the urge to get up and get dressed, and without even thinking twice I climbed into an incredible costume: a waist cincher that pulled my waist in seven inches, a set of patterned tights, like a wide weave fishnet, a fake training bra, and then a dress that was so tight and shiny I looked like a feminine eel. I easily fit my feet into the waiting four inch heels, and then pulled a hood over my face that secured at my chin and neck, and had a long blonde ponytail attached to the top. I fixed my makeup like a pro and I swayed into the other room, to find Alexa sitting at the table drinking coffee. She smiled at my appearance. A voice spoke, a high beautiful voice, and it was mine: “Mistress.”

Alexa was happy, so happy with me that she donned a silver cat suit with an attached dildo and fucked me right there.