Panty Sissy with something to hide!

Panty Sissy With Something To Hide

When my wife’s mother was visiting, and she was doing the laundry, I would fold my panties neatly and put the panties at the very top of my underwear drawer… so when she opens the drawer to put my clean underwear in she discovers the other kind of underwear I like to wear~ !

I should be whipped

Illustration by Bernard Montorgueil.

She asks where my suitcase full of frillies is (I guess Alexa told her all about that too).

My mother in law is going through my suitcase pulling out lingerie (mostly panties with some bras and hosiery) poking fun while they are both having fun and cracking up. Next thing is she calls Mistress Alexa back on my phone so we can all talk at once using the speaker except I won’t be doing much talking because my mother-in-law gags me with Panties and masking tape.

Then she hits my pantied ass with a wooden spoon she had retrieved from the kitchen. I screamed through the gag while she rubs my ass and tells me its for my own good and that I will be getting a lot more if I forget to address her as “Mistress Dearest”. Just as the pain subsides she hits me again. I’m really screaming now and I don’t think I can take much more cause it brought tears to my eyes this time.

Mistress Dearest and Alexa are laughing and cutting up asking me “how do I like wearing panties now” and “how does it feel to be a real sissy” and etc etc. So now Mistress Dearest starts to take the gag off and warns me that if I make a sound she will “really” give me a good swat. She tells me I am not to speak unless spoken to. I am to memorize things to say on cue such as when Mistress asks, “What is your name”? I am to say ” My name is Sissy Pants, I wear womans underwear, and I’m Mistress Alexa’s bitch”. They made me practice it and other sissy lines such as, ” What do you like to do”? ” I like to wear panties” I was instructed to say. This is all going on over the span of maybe two hours (I’m not sure exactly and I may be skipping a few details, but you get the idea). Then Mistress Dearest unties me from the overhead bar and takes me to the bedroom, lays me down on the bed with my feet over the edge and ties them.




So your want your Mistress to humiliate you?

I. Here are some of the things I will make you wear….:

1.Black or dark colored bra under thin white shirt.
2.Black or dark colored panties under thin white pants or shorts.
3.Pantyhose worn with shorts.
4.Wear a frilly bikini at the beach. [or just the bottom.]
5.Naked or dressed in lingerie beneath a cape or raincoat.
6.Wearing an obviously feminine blouse (malesubs).
7.Little girls’ dresses with high heels
8.Baby hats/bonnets.
9.Obvious female flat heel shoes, worn with everyday male clothing.
10.Standard male shirt, tie, jacket, with obvious female trousers.
11.Diapers, noisy plastic pants.
12.High heels.
13.Females, braless, with a sheer white or light colored blouse.
14.No underwear or lingerie, while wearing very thin white or light colored pants, shorts, or skirt.

II. Here are some of the props I will make you use to reveal what a sissy you are….

1.Slave collar ( can add owner tag.)
2.Narrow cat collar with bell.
3.Single handcuff on each wrist.
4.Butt plugs. Can be worn at a business meeting.
5.Feminine necklaces and bracelets.
6.Feminine rings.
7.Cock rings.
8.Baby pacifier. Carry or tied around neck. There is a doggie “squeek toy” like this available.
9.Baby rattle.
10.Nipple clips. [even better when seen through a sheer shirt or blouse]
11.Clip on earrings [for the pierced impaired.]
12.A “kitty” collar with bell, worn around the cock and balls.

III. Here are some of the shopping trips we can go on together (with me on the phone…)
1.Shopping for and trying on lingerie or dresses.
2.Trying on high heels while wearing nylons or pantyhose under male clothing. Works better at times other than
3.Shopping for makeup, perfumes, and other female items.
4.At adult toy stores, purchasing buttplugs, cock rings, and BD gear, while she watches from a distance. [see #7]
5.Having a manicure or facial.
6.Buying adult incontinent supplies. [works for both genders]. Have the sub ask the clerk what size would fit best.

IV. What I will make you do…

1.Must use “Mistress”, Madame”, or “Ma’am” at all times.
2.Handcuffed to the shopping cart, while shopping.
3.Handcuffed or tied to a pole outside store. (waiting for Mistress)
4.Handcuffed, hands in front or back, while shopping.
5.Metal cockrings, collars, chains, or leashes when going through airport security.
6.Having him get a good tan while wearing a bra, for later exposure at the beach or while washing the car without a shirt.
7.When at a restaurant, eating in an unusual way; being fed by the Mistress; using your non- dominant hand, no utensils.
8.Forbidden to speak in public.
9.Kneeling and kissing her boots, shoes, feet, or hands, at odd moments.
10.Kneeling, massaging her feet at the mall.
11.One arm tied or cuffed under your shirt. Or cuffed obviously behind you.
12.Pockets cut out of pants, and hands tied or cuffed to your thighs so you can’t remove them from the pockets.
13.Binding your cock inside your pants with the string or rope end available to tug on.
14.Wearing a vibrating butt plug, with the controls in your pocket or available for her use. [still dreaming of a source for a
remote control plug ;} A Vibrating Beeper was recently suggested]
15.Your right [left?] hand is tied to your cock and balls through a hole in your pocket. Might look like you are playing with
16.Being forced to masturbate beneath the table cloth while at a restaurant.
17.You both are sitting in a restaurant, dressed completely normal. She hands you a bag of ‘stuff’ and tells you to go to the
restroom and change. You worry that everyone who enters will know what you are doing.
18.You are sitting drinking a beer or apple juice. When the glass is empty, she orders you to take it to the men’s room and
fill it up. You must return and then consume your “new” beverage with your meal.
19.You must take your beverage to the men’s room, masturbate, and cum in the glass/cup. Return and then consume it, This
would also work with the special sauce from that famous place.
20.You have to take your panties or underpants off, return to the table and hand them to her. She leaves them on the table in
plain view.
21.Female subs in skirts, ordered to remove panties while seated at the table, hand them to the Mistress, then sit with naked
ass on the seat.
22.You must undress prior to entering your/her car when going home for the evening.
23.She calls you at work and says you have ‘xx’mins to masturbate and cum.
24.On a special evening, as you travel around in a rented limousine, you are required to masturbate, trying not to be seen by
the driver.
25.You are required to masturbate in your panties and continue wearing them, disregarding any spots that may appear.
26.You are diapered, taken out to a restaurant or bar and have to consume a large quantity of liquid, and are not allowed to
use the restroom.
27.Traveling by car naked or dressed in lingerie.
28.You are obviously hand cuffed to the car as you travel, or are parked waiting for her to finish shopping. A key can be
attached to a thread for emergency purposes.
29.Wearing lipstick or make up so that it appears you have just tried to remove it, but missed some.
30.Having your picture taken in Santa’s lap at Christmas time.
31.She hands the controls of your vibrating plug, dildo to another person.
32.Having to show another person what you are wearing beneath the raincoat or cape.
33.Shining her boots at the mall.
34.She spanks you.
35.She slaps you.
36.You have to eat a doggie snack at lunch.
37.You have to kiss the ground whenever you leave a car.
38.You kiss the seat of her chair whenever she stands.
39.Ordering warm milk, or some other almost impossible item, claiming dietary need.
40.You have to eat a bite of something that has had an ash flicked on it.
41.The Mistress takes her female sub into the restroom and performs an on the spot vaginal/rectal examine, attaches a variety
of ‘toys’ or clamps.
42.You are taken on a nature walk, tied to a tree, for a quickie spanking.
43.One hand is cuffed to the chair or table when you are eating.
44.At a cocktail lounge, you have to sit at the bar next to the serving station and you are cuffed to the rail.
45.You are instructed to eat a meal alone, reading a copy of Domination Directory International, other Dominatrix
publication, or a transvestite magazine.
46.Smoking long, obviously feminine cigarettes.
47.In a parking lot or similar location, just before you will be safely hidden from spectators, she has you pause and wet
yourself. You have to walk the last few yards with wet clothes.
48.On your ‘x’ anniversary, you renew your wedding vows, this time you are dressed as the bride.
49.When you travel alone, you are required to leave lingerie or stockings drying in the bathroom.
50.You are instructed to buy a halloween maid’s costume. Whenever you travel you must leave it hanging in the hotel room
along with your regular clothing. Leaving a pair of high heels out would work too.
51.Tape rough felt or very very fine sandpaper inside a shirt over the nipples. Effect should be stimulation, not damage.
52.Reciting all your rules in front of others, at her whim.
53.Temporary “slave” tattoos or other markings, hidden or not.
54.Always walking a foot or two behind her. speeding up to open doors.
55.She pays for everything, with possible comments like “Oh I never allow him to carry money!”
56.If no seats are available, puts you on all fours and sits on your back.
57.Doing some of the “hidden” little things like plugs, nipple clamps, cock rings, in the church of her/your choice.
58.Keeping your legs shaved.
59.Keeping the genitals shaved.
60.Having ribbons/bows braided into the genital hair.
61.Carrying a doll around, brushing its hair, playing with it.
62.When dining out, sub is not allowed to order, is fed little bites from her plate.
63.While she is sitting on a chair, you sit on pool deck beside her, even though there are chairs available next to you.
64.Wear a cock ring with a very long, strong, almost invisible thread attached. She can pull on this anytime. Use it like a

So you want to be humiliated?

Day List for a Sissy:
1) Write a letter, confessing all of your deepest and darkest fantasies. Put it in an envelope and mail it to

a. a local church (anonymously)

b. your wife

c. your secretary

d. your (female) neighbor

2)Put a funnel in your mouth, fill it with your cum, then lie in bed watching  a TV show about maids and cleaning up.

3)Take a dark black mascara wand, and apply several layers to your lashes, upper and lower. Then go to work in a formal suit.

4)Wear beige  pantyhose with reinforced feet underneath your jeans – then go and have a beer with the boys…  Call your mistress when you’ve been discovered….

5) Go to the supermarket with your mistress and use the same grocery cart. Then choose a cashier with a long line and take out the items you will pay for  — feminine hygiene douche (strawberry) and a spray can of Reddi-Whip.  And tampons.

9) Signup for  a gay dating site using your business email.

10)Take a condom, put a chocolate bar in it (liqueur filled), then put it up your ass. Leave it there for 30 minutes, remove the condom and eat it.

So you want to be humiliated? (Part 1)

Pilates for Women

Pilates for Women

 Dear Mistress Alexa:
In recent months, I have joined a gym and have been taking group Pilates classes.  I like them because they tone muscles and the classes tend to be run by women for women, and it excites me to be acting like “one of the girls.”  Also, I recently had a pedicure with clear polish on my toes.
Today, there was a new instructor–a woman who I will call Carla–who is much more demanding than the instructor I am used to.  In today’s class, there were about four students–me and three women.  I positioned myself on the reformer machine near the front, near Carla.
As we went through the routines, Carla came over to correct my form a couple of times, telling me to point my toes, press my inner thighs together, etc.  At one point, she was showing me wear to hold me legs high in the air when I saw her look to my bare feet.  She clearly noticed my shiny toes.
In the rest of the class she made a couple of comments.  At one point when we would press our toes down to flex our calf muscles, she said, “Imagine you are wearing the most beautiful stilettos.”  Later, when she described how we should sit up and hold our shoulders, she said to do it, “as though you were wearing a nice little black dress with spaghetti straps.”  She never made any apology or allowance for me being a man or being different from the group.
I couldn’t tell for sure that she was glancing at me in the mirror as she was saying these things, but I think she was.
The whole thing was exciting, including the ambiguity of not knowing for sure if she knew my secret.
I haven’t waxed my legs and body for a while, but I think I will do that and make sure that I take her class again, so that she sees my nice toes and smooth legs and see if she keeps making those kinds of comments.  If so, I may have found someone to explore my feminization with in person!
 Call 888-411-1230 and tell Alexa you want a session about Pilates for Women

Trained For Service

Keywords: female domination, Mistress, Watersports, enema, training, surrender

Two women and three men sat around a table nursing drinks. Emma and James had been married for seven years, Kay and Peter six. Darla, a widow, had just remarried.
We miss you, Darla, Emma said.
Darla shrugged… “well, its not to be helped, ” she said.  John is still adjusting to married life…
“As I see it,” Emma said , we have three problems. One, we were all happy with our former arrangements, but your new husband won’t play. Which means that you wont either. A pity…”.

“The other problem is that we crave it more than our husbands do… and can’t do with just a few times a week…” She paused to take a sip from her dacquiri. ”

And then.. well.. number three is: we like anal and oral, with swallowing, B and D, humiliation, coming on demand, no limits…, and well, our husbands aren’t going to give us everything we want any time soon.” Emma fnished.

Here’s what I just found out. There’s a woman, a trained nurse who was at a boys school in Switzerland. It seemed she like to experiment with the boys, capture them, brainwash them, make them into total sex slaves. She had the little boys serving all the female staff members. It excited her, I suppose.” She was caught and had to leave the school, and she’s living here now. In Connecticut. She was hired as a housekeeper except that her employers who happened to have a teenage son, found out t hat she had this weekness for bondage… and brainwashing… and fired her. But now she’s available and I think she can work a miracle with John.


To be continued…