Panty Sissy with something to hide!

Panty Sissy With Something To Hide

When my wife’s mother was visiting, and she was doing the laundry, I would fold my panties neatly and put the panties at the very top of my underwear drawer… so when she opens the drawer to put my clean underwear in she discovers the other kind of underwear I like to wear~ !

I should be whipped

Illustration by Bernard Montorgueil.

She asks where my suitcase full of frillies is (I guess Alexa told her all about that too).

My mother in law is going through my suitcase pulling out lingerie (mostly panties with some bras and hosiery) poking fun while they are both having fun and cracking up. Next thing is she calls Mistress Alexa back on my phone so we can all talk at once using the speaker except I won’t be doing much talking because my mother-in-law gags me with Panties and masking tape.

Then she hits my pantied ass with a wooden spoon she had retrieved from the kitchen. I screamed through the gag while she rubs my ass and tells me its for my own good and that I will be getting a lot more if I forget to address her as “Mistress Dearest”. Just as the pain subsides she hits me again. I’m really screaming now and I don’t think I can take much more cause it brought tears to my eyes this time.

Mistress Dearest and Alexa are laughing and cutting up asking me “how do I like wearing panties now” and “how does it feel to be a real sissy” and etc etc. So now Mistress Dearest starts to take the gag off and warns me that if I make a sound she will “really” give me a good swat. She tells me I am not to speak unless spoken to. I am to memorize things to say on cue such as when Mistress asks, “What is your name”? I am to say ” My name is Sissy Pants, I wear womans underwear, and I’m Mistress Alexa’s bitch”. They made me practice it and other sissy lines such as, ” What do you like to do”? ” I like to wear panties” I was instructed to say. This is all going on over the span of maybe two hours (I’m not sure exactly and I may be skipping a few details, but you get the idea). Then Mistress Dearest unties me from the overhead bar and takes me to the bedroom, lays me down on the bed with my feet over the edge and ties them.