Fun Fantasies for Phone Sessions

Private Girl’s Finishing School, Fantasy School Girl

My new lady friend is a successful professional woman of unusual style and deep somewhat secret passion. (Much like I imagine my female self would be). She is tall, brunette, blue eyed, well toned but not thin, large busted and very curvy. One day she asks that I run by a girl’s school and check it out. Her daughter, I presume from a previous marriage is coming to live with her.

The school looks like the best private girls school money can by. It is vacation time, so no students are about. I go to the head mistresses office and am greeted by a very stylish and sexy secretary who offers me a drink while I wait (you can guess, I’m into potions). The head mistress is stunning we chat about the program while the secretary periodically fills my glass and I sip away.

I learn that the school finishes young women preparing them to be wives of the rich and decadent. As she speaks I find myself more and more enthralled. She explains that her students receive a drink daily that removes the will making them open to the required training. I ask about this and she shows me a cube with swirling patterns. As I stare into it mesmerized. I’m conscious of her voice explaining what will happen to a student, I find myself agreeing that it is a great program. She asks if I would like to see more. I agree, a little surprised at how much time has passed since we started talking.

After another drink she takes me to the school store and asks if I would enjoy being fitted out in a school uniform for my tour. I agree with delight. The short skirt (with a bra beneath , for proper lines), white blouse, blazer, tie, knee socks and shoes feel exactly right. She looks at me and suggests that the second stop could be the school salon. I agree that it would be best if an apparent student did not appear to be in drag. At the salon the stylist outdoes herself. Lotion causes my hair to grow to mid back, a mud bath and wax removes all my body hair, hair styling, make-up and nail extensions follow to my increasing pleasure.

The head mistress greets me as I leave the salon. Her complements on my looks cause me to melt with delight. We enjoy afternoon tea and I enjoy more of the school girls’ drink. With the day getting on she suggests I stay the night and we continue in the morning. We have time for one more visit – the school nurse. I accept that one shot in each breast and each hip will help me enjoy the experience more. After the nurse, I’m shown a room in the dorm. It is super feminine and has loaded closets I’m delighted to learn are in my size. After settling in the room I briefly wonder if accepting the tour (and add-ons) was wise, until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I lose myself in trying things on, adjusting make-up, hair styles, and exploring the room. I settle down, appropriately attired, among the pillows with a glamour magazine, I’d never realized just how interesting these were, and later a book of erotica, which seemed to live in my mind as I read.

I fall to dreams of being taken, and after a while I reach over to the night table take the dildo I’ve found there, and push it between my cheeks. All the way in. It seems to take on a life of its own, pulsing, throbbing, vibrating and thrusting in a most stimulating way. It stretches and fills me with each passing moment stimulating me more and more. I surrender to the feelings and soon climax. As I do the device shoots a load of hot cum into me. It tingles and spreads. I know it is transforming me more and more with every passing minute, but I can’t resist as the pleasure has started to grow again.

The night passes both quickly and so slowly. It seems I’ve been receiving great anal & transforming sex forever. I awaken and get ready. I’m surprised and delighted as well as a little scared at how firmly the transformation has started to take hold of me. It would be hard to convince anyone that I was a man. The head mistress calls at the specified hour. I’ve been instructed to wear a garter, stockings and no panties. She is going to give me a sample of a day in the school. I can’t wait.

After a quick breakfast and more of the drink I’ve come to crave we revisit the nurse for more shots. While waiting I get lost again staring into the swirling cube and chatting with the Mistress. The Mistress has started calling me by a girls’ name. I know she’s got it wrong but I go along because I enjoy the name. Later I find myself in class, an older style room with wooden desks. I’m seated at one. Mistress moves to the front and commands me to sit up straight and pay attention. I obey instantly. As I do, I’m seemingly locked into position as if bound to the chair and desk. I can’t seem to move no matter how hard I try. The Mistress places a learning circlet on my head and attaches big hoop earring to my ears a bracelet on each wrist and ankle and a gold choker around my neck. The metal fuses as each closes and I know that I’ll not be able to remove them. Class starts with a swirl on the projection screen and an insistent pulsing of a probe arising form my chair. Amplified sensation overwhelms me and I again surrender, all the while conscious that at the edge of awareness there is a voice telling me things. Time blurs, the sensations include a growing felling of emptiness and need where my manhood one was continue in pleasurable pulses. Programming continues taking hold more and more with each pulse of pleasure. Lunch and drinks are served at the desk , this is a special catch up class I’m told and there is no time for regular activities.

Later we make our way to another class room this one is a lab, a make-up lab! Without conscious thought, I expertly apply my make-up. Upon command I remove it and replace it with another look, then another, this time more sluttish. Mistress compliments my skill, I know that I’ve been irresistibly programmed to love this. I can’t resist and don’t really care.

Mistress informs me that she insists on a healthy body and takes me to the gym. The gym uniform has a under layer – almost like a body stocking with hundreds of little wires running through it. The wires are densest in erogenous zones. I apply a special lotion then the under suit which seems to form a second skin then disappear. I finish dressing in tights and a leotard as Mistress explains the function of the suit. It will let gym equipment exercise me according to my personal program. She starts the gym program and I find myself moving to the mat to stretch. I can’t seem to think and don’t really want too. I let the program take control and accept the pleasure it offers in return.

It is again late and Mistress suggests I spend another evening. No question the answer is yes. I share my concern that the transformation may be going too far and she assures me that it is my choice. Anytime I wish to stop I can. I find this comforting even though I’m quite aware that I’ve been programmed and drugged to want nothing except to be fully transformed into a woman.

The days blur into each day more. Skills are programmed and my body becomes fully female. After about a week I meet with the head Mistress in her office, my lady friend is also there. She asks me my impressions of the school. I gush like a 10 year old school girl which to all intents and purposes is what I am. She asks the head mistress to enroll me in grade 10. I try to protest but can’t, this is going to be too much fun. The Head mistress and my new mom discuss my options, I’m to be conditioned as a bisexual erotic ladies maid, statue/mannequin and bondage sex toy. My new mom and I take a spa, shopping and beach vacation before the start of term.

The Getaway

i drop everything i’m doing here, cut off all ties with everyone i know…. i find a Mistress that is willing to let me serve her, i fly out to where she is at, she lets me live with her and feminizes me until i can pass as a woman in public… at that point i become a live-in maid (with french maid costume, of course 🙂 )… at i also get a part-time job as a secretary and have my paychecks direct-deposited to her accont… the feminizing part would be done for my pleasure (and hers too hopefully) of course, but the maid and the job would be so that she could live a more comfortable life.

This scenario can be used for Maid Training

Spy world

The boss has called you in for another mission. Except this one requires you to be transformed into the semblance of a woman within a sensory deprivation tank filled with pink liquid where you’ll float in for days with a respirator. A hookup at the back of your head will feed you images to prepare you to be believable in your new identity… completely believable.

This scenario is in use for Adult Baby and incontinence training

The Wicked Witch

A gorgeous wicked witch has abducted you from the real world, and thrust you into the world of faery tales. She wants to enslave you and make you into her Apprentice Wicked Witch, sending you on errands through the Enchanted Forest to corrupt you and its inhabitants as you do her bidding.

This scenario has been used for corrupting the innocent

The Slavers

You were just shopping with your best friend, having a great time, and trying on some clothes. But the changing room looked weird, and then it smelled really nice and you started feeling reeeeeally good….

This scenario can be used for humiliation

The Fempire

She’s sooo seductive… so irrisistible… and soon you learn that she’s a vampire… she can drain you… not of blood, but of maleness… and if she continues draining you… below the point where all your maleness is gone… below the point where you are a complete woman… you will become a fempire… a creature of darkness… a vampire who lives by draining male essence too…

This scenario has been used for trying to resist forced feminization

The Bimbo Machine (dreamed by melissa)

I want to tell you about a dream I just had thought you might find it interesting. The dream starts with me going to a large building and entering a room sort of like a bar. There is only me and a woman her name is Suzanne there she seems very happy to see me. She offers me a drink which I accept. The drink is drugged and puts me in a very relaxed suggestible state. She asks me if I would like to see her latest project. I happily agree. She takes me to a room where there is a chair and a kind of helmet with wires coming out leading to a big machine. She tells me the machine is designed to stimulate the brain to have an incredible orgasm. She asks if I would like to see how it works I once again happily agree as she pours me another drink. She goes into another room and returns with a woman who is thrilled she can use the machine again. The woman has brown hair and small breasts she sits in the chair and says it felt so good last time, I could hardly wait for my next turn . The helmet is placed on her head and the machine is turned on. A blank expression goes on to her face and her body begins to quiver. She moans with pleasure and after about 1/2 hour screams with an overwhelming orgasm and collapses from exhaustion. Suzanne tells me the woman will sleep for about an hour then wake feeling wonderful. Suzanne asks if I would like to try her pleasure machine. My fears gone thanks to my drinks, I agree to try it.

She puts me in the chair and the helmet on my head and turns on the machine. My mind fills with images of sex. Large breasted blonde women involved in every conceivable sexual situation.

Sucking big beautiful cocks licking out dripping wet pussies being fucked in the pussy and the ass. Waves of pleasure flow all over me, my entire body tingles, I am totally aroused. The feeling seems to last forever as the images flow through my mind. The waves continue to grow utiill I reach orgasm which seems to last for hours and feels better than anything I have ever experinced.

The next thing I remember is waking up in another room feeling wonderful. The woman who I saw use the machine before me is there but she looks different. Her hair seems more blonde and her breasts seem larger and she has a bulge in her panties which looks like a penis. She says how do you feel, I say wonderful, She says I can hardly wait for my next turn that was my 4th time.

She reaches over and turns on a TV. It is a porn movie of a woman sucking a mans cock She says I really likes cock sucking. She is transfixed by the TV just can’t seem to stop watching it. Just then Suzanne comes in, the woman turns to her and says please Mistress can I use the machine again, I need it. Suzanne replies no Missy you need to watch your TV for a while first.

Suzanne says to me, so how did you like it? I say it was amazing, never felt anything like it. So you would like to do it again wouldn’t you? I say yes it felt so good. She says ok we just have to wait a few minute for one of my girls to finish her turn. We go back to the room there is a beautiful blonde woman sitting in the ch frilly prissy frilly prissy frilly prissy air with the helmet on chanting I love sucking cock, then she has an orgasm and collapses.

Suzanne says it is your turn now. I sit in the chair she puts the helmet on my head, then puts restraints on my arms and legs saying sometimes the reaction is so strong people can hurt themselves so we will just use these to be safe. Then she walks over to turn on the machine. Suzanne says, thought you should know after this sessions you will be addicted to the machine just like Missy is. You likely noticed the changes in her after her session. Yes I said. The pleasure of the machine comes with a price, she continued. Each time you use it your IQ becomes lower. At first you don’t notice. The first session only causes a 2 point drop, but next is 4, then 8, then 16, and finally 64, after that it stops but you’re an illerate bimbo. The other side effect is you become more female each session and your desire to please men and women sexually increases each time. You become obessed with cocks and pussies. Remember the last girl you saw here? She just finished her 10th session and will be going up stairs to suck the cocks of my paying customers when she wakes up.

So now that you know what will happen do you still want me to turn on the machine. No I shouted. Well she said thats too bad I am turning it on anyway. I struggled against my restraints then my face went blank and my mind filled with pleasure.

Next thing I remember was waking up next to Missy and watching the cock sucking video with her hoping Suzanne would come to get me for my next session soon.

Not a Man

There is one very special scenario that is a turn-on for me in no time. It is the thought of meeting a woman who starts taking over control .. a woman who starts influencing me and later even my relationship in a way that my girlfriend starts looking for other men, a woman who makes me believe that I am not a true man and cannot satisfy women, thus I have to be a woman myself, a slut. Someone who should have always been a slut and who should not annoy his girlfriend with sex, becaus he can’t satisfy here anyway. In this fantasy, my girlfriend starts looking for other men because I am forbidden to please her and I start to be controlled by this evil woman who wants to turn me into a slut. At one particular point, my girlfriend will find out (I feel very very guilty for this!!) that I am owned by a stranger woman and that I am controlled by her, and this evil woman makes me amplify the pain my gf experiences. She likes it when she sees that my gf is suffering from the oh so painful truth and loves to make me give her the pain, again and again. I don’t want to, but I have to .. it is pain for me too, but I am not in control and I have to hurt here while getting erections from doing so.

This can be done as pure fantasy, in dream reality, or done as conditioning into a real slut.

Girl’s Birthday Party

My mother sent me to a birthday party for one of the girls in the neighborhood. I arrive early and her mom notes I’m not dressed properly as it is a girls’ party. She corrects the situation. The clothes transform me and my attitudes and I have a great time. When my Mom picks me up I’m still a girl but she doesn’t seem to notice. My room and clothes at home are also transformed. I can’t seem to tell anyone about the transformation which takes ever deeper hold on me and I turn more and more girlish.

Girl’s Locker Room

I sneak into the girls’ locker room in my school. A strange feeling of control takes hold of me and like a robot I get into one of a line of ‘changing machines’. I feel the machine alter first my body then my mind into that of a teenage girl. When the machine opens I step out wearing either a girls’ gym uniform or swimsuit. I try to get back in but can’t. The only way out of the change room is to join the gym/pool activity. I do and end up as part of the girl’s team (sport/swim/cheerleading). When practice is over I return to the locker room with my new girlfriends and get back into the machine. I’m cleaned, made-up, my hair is styled and I’m clothed like my new friends and have no choice but to return home transformed. Where I find my whole life to be transformed into that of a girl.

Women’s Store Mannequin

A girl friend talks me into taking a job at a woman’s clothing store she works in. The girls are great and they start teaching me the ropes including trying on clothes and make-up. These of course have transformative properties. Sometimes the manager will assist. I drink a potion and become a mannequin. Once I’m magically transformed into a mannequin, the manager sculpts my body, paints my face and replaces my hair before dressing me in the latest of fashion. I know the effect will become permanent after 24 hours unless the antidote is taken but I’m placed in the window and a day passes. When I’m finally taken down and re-animated the transformation has taken full and permanent hold.

Wet Nurse, Milking Nanny Breasts

I’m an older teen and my lack of summer employment is bothering my Mother. She returns home from a friend’s with a new milk drink which she serves up. It is delicious and makes me feel great , perhaps a little unfocused. Later in the evening she suggests that I might consider being a nanny for her friend who has a new born. I find this idea curiously interesting and my mom suggests an early night and a visit next day to check into the nanny’s job. I agree and dream vividly about having breasts.

Next morning we make our way to the friend’s home. She is a knockout young mother who clearly needs help. I’m served the same milk drink which I drink quickly and ask for another. After finishing the second the friend explains the job , I’m to be wet nurse for the infant. The milk has the property of inducing the development of breasts and inducing lactation, 3 glasses kick the process off and in some people starts to create a dependency and mental changes. As I drink my third and fourth glass and she explains that continued consumption feminizes more and more. I think that this does not apply to me as I start to enjoy the tingle in my chest and daydream about being sucked and becoming totally feminine. More drinks follow and I become lost in delight at the changes in my body. She also tells me that sucking on my breasts will make me unbelievably horny, needing sex as a woman. There is a cream that can satisfy the urge but it has the side affect of accelerating genital transformation. I accept the job and a tube of cream and I’m shown the very feminine nanny’s room and a nap is suggested. I change into the baby doll nightie and lay down, drifting away – lost in pleasurable sensation.

I’m awakened by cries, my breasts jiggle pleasurably and sway as I go the cradle and tend the infant who is soon sucking on my now large and full breasts. The feeling is wonderful , I can’t resist the pleasure as the feeling changes me more and more. As I nurse, I sip more of the milk. A pleasurable sensation and need grows in my crotch. The baby sucks both breasts dry and falls asleep. With her back in the cradle; I’m lost in the pleasure of tingling breasts, feeling drained of all thought and horny beyond all reason. Rubbing the cream between my legs I abandon myself to the pleasure of the moment and climb to a peak of pleasure beyond any I could ever imagine. It won’t stop and I pass out until the infant’s cries awaken me and the drainage and release repeat. I live on the milk, changing, becoming more and more bonded to the baby, more and more visibly and mentally female until my masculine self is gone.

Some time latter the transformation is complete and I regain some measure of self. I realize I am, as far as the world can tell, a very sexy young mother. I dress the part, I love short sun dresses showing lots of cleavage, make-up and big hair. My employer takes me to the salon where my transformation is complete.

My sexuality continues to grow. Soon the husband takes me I’m very willing. He sucks my breasts which are always full, needing to be emptied. His libido seems to increase with each swallow and I abandon myself to the pleasure of being drained and then filled, front and back. His hot cum both satisfies me and turns up the heat. The night after our first love making I awake to hear unusually passionate sex from the couple’s room. The next day the lady has a far-away look in her eye and is clearly checking me out- I love it. Their love making heats up in the following days and before long it is clear her breasts are swelling. We spend the day sucking and licking. Her juices & milk and mine drive us to a passion that denies control. The husband returns home to find us in a spent embrace but still wanting more. He takes us both with a passion and virility that cannot be denied.

As the days pass it comes clear to me that the milk drink is the same as that now filling our breasts and that the cream is the same as her and my hot juices and his cum. We are trapped and helpless in a very hot threeway.

Bridal Boutique Makeover

A lady friend has always wanted me to go into business with her. She runs an extremely upscale bridal boutique including very sexy corsets and lingerie. I visit and meet one of her backers. We chat I’m offered and drink one of my friend’s special cocktails then another. I learn more about the business, especially how they make brides to order or fulfill women’s wedding fantasies. All the while I grow increasingly attracted to my friend’s very attractive backer. I think, if I were a woman this would be the man for me, perhaps being a woman would be fun. The get together ends and thought of this man fill my dreams.

The next day we run down to the shop where I’m welcomed with a drink and seated in a private studio. My friend tells me the first step to fulfilling any woman’s fantasy is body image. A screen displays various shapes sizes and body parts, adding those that make me hot to the image until an absolutely knockout whole is realized. The next step is selecting the wedding gown and look. After this is done I can think of nothing else other than being this woman and wearing that dress. I’m offered the chance which I accept.

I’m transformed in a salon / spa like setting until I’m clearly a tall, blue eyed brunette with an athletic but very shapely body. All the female parts are there and feel great. Hair and make-up follow. Then lingerie, the dress and jewelry. I can do nothing but adore the image I see in the mirror. The day is over and I don’t want this to end. They know this. A pole is attached to my corset, and I can’t seem to move. Pleasurable sensations start in my pussy and breasts, growing with each moment as I’m posed and moved to a display platform in the middle of the store.

The sensations are changing my mind more and more female. I know that an hour or so of this and I’ll be lost to feminine sexuality. As everyone leaves for the night, panic and helpless pleasure combine. Time passes maybe a week, I really don’t know when I’m taken down, treated to a spa day and dressed as the attractive professional women I know am. My friend and I go out to dinner with her backer. He is my dream man , there is no question that we end up in bed together. Soon I accept his proposal and take up a partnership in the shop. The cool thing about the shop is that I can try different looks and be a different woman whenever I or he wishes.


My wife and I are transferred to a very nice suburban town for her job. I’m going to find something, her opportunity was just too good to miss. We are greeted and taken to an orientation. The drink and welcoming movie (during which I seem to have dozed off) change my outlook imperceptibly at first, I begin to consider staying at home and looking after the house.

We are gifted cases of liqueur used to make the drinks we’ve been enjoying. The pink stuff is great. After returning home I decide to cook for a change and we decide to spend the evening just relaxing. More drinks follow and soon my wife is trying to seduce me to the bedroom. She succeeds and I’m delighted to let her take the lead. It just seems right. As the night progresses our pleasure and abandon increases as our gender roles and inclinations reverse. I fall asleep spent dressed in her sexiest night cloths and made up.

When I awaken she has left for work, a drink clears my head and I dress for the day. It is not until I’ve gone downstairs that I realize I’m in a skirt and top and am adjusting my make-up in the hall mirror. I go back upstairs to correct the situation but my old clothes are just not right somehow. I set to cleaning and arranging the house. Mid morning my doorbell rings and without a thought to my attire I answer. It is the lady from next door welcoming me to the neighbourhood. She is a petite and very buxom blond. She’s very friendly an I soon accept an invitation to her house for lunch. We chat and wile the afternoon away sipping on pink drinks. She teases me about my love for the drink and lets me in on the neighbourhood secret. All the women are tin the area are totally addicted to the pink. It has the property of transforming anyone who consumes it into a gorgeous and very sexy girl. She shows me a before picture of herself and on one level I just don’t believe that the young man could possibly be the same person I see before me. On another level I now know more of what my future holds. I know she will be my best girl friend. Girl talk leads to a make over and clothing advice. When I return home to make dinner I’m considerably more glamorous than when I went out. We agree to meet tomorrow after my appointment.

My wife returns home, looking very handsome and acting quite manly. There are some new sex toys and we are soon testing them out. Tonight my feminine reactions are no game but a new reality.

In the morning I go for my medical at the local clinic. I’m greeted as Mrs. and led to the examination room. After a brief examination – I’m given strategically located shots. Quickly I find I’m overwhelmed with waves of feminine pleasure and a distinct sense that my mind is now female. I can’t really talk or move. After a while a second nurse enters telling me I need shots, more, stronger effects. Then later the same thing happens again , then again and again. I drift away knowing there is no way back and loving it. I leave the doctors office in a bimbo haze, meet my friend and spend the afternoon in the salon and shopping.

In a few short days another visit to the doctor and many more pink drinks, I’m one of the girls. I’ve got to prepare dinner now because I know as soon as my husband comes in the door he will take me on the table and I don’t want it to burn while I’m distracted. I’m distracted quite often these days.

The Key Across Town

My ultimate fantasy is having the house to myself for a week, with all male clothes, trousers etc. locked away, not being able to get at them, and the only person that has the key is a beautiful 30 year old blonde across town.

I’m left with only very short skirts and revealing tops, but no nylons(which means i have to shave my legs), just panties, skirts and tops. The only shoes i have are open toed, and before going, the lady made me paint my toenails and finger nails, after adding nail extensions, then also locked the remover away. She leaves me with my cock in a chastity belt so i can’t relieve my self all week, but she does leave me her dildo and vibrater to use. This leaves me having to make my self into the most convincing girl/ slut i can to get across town by Friday to get the key back and transform before my house mates get back, but eventually, after making my self up and having fun all week, i get there to find she has another task : she makes me suck a cock before she will allow me to have the key back.

Mistress Alexa wants to talk. Call her today at 888-411-1230.

Clients say:

Hi Mistress,

I rate your phone service 5 stars, I can honestly say you are by far the most fascinating and intelligent domme I have called.
You will hear from me again, soon.

Ricky, Canada


Mistress Alexa, you have the most beautiful voice in the world! I want you to own me. Just the mere thought of our conversation sends chills up and down my spine, the thought of you asking me if I was turned on or hard gives me instant goosebumps.

— Sissy Husband, N.J.


Dear Mistress,

I have no doubt your Copulins could control the entire world.

Even without them, your divine voice and mental domination kept me under your Pussy Control.
I still crave you, if you’re able, I would like a one hour session today asap.
I’d love to see if you could hypnotize me again and insert your Copulins in me and take control again.
Please let me know if I may become your slave again by replying and I will call immediately. – Panty Bimbo