Best TG fantasy ever!

Being left on my own again today, for the weekend, the first thing I wanted to do was to call you.

As I mentioned, I had been thinking of calling you.  I’ve been thinking a lot of the last two calls (the network news anchor and the intern / the intern becomes nursemaid) because I think it was one of the best ideas (for a tg fantasy) I’ve ever encountered!
Of course, I have absolute confidence you will come up with something that will soon make me forget about my aspirations to follow in the footsteps of the most admirable and attractive transsexual newscaster ever!

As you know, pivotal points of your story were the high esteem and respect the intern held for the woman, as well as his desires – for her and to emulate her.  Those things are what made the subsequent events (relatively) believable for me.

It occurred to me, in fantasy or otherwise, situations where these things are similar may be limited (and if we tried to replicate them, I’d probably recall this story as a standard for comparison) and I have been thinking about that, recently.

The first thing I recall thinking about was coming up with any other situation where the dynamics would be similar.  The best I could come up with were pretty common in tg fantasy.  A youth with his single, seductive, sissyfying aunt or landlady; a student-teacher relationship; model / fashion producer and assistant; etc.  Then I thought more about our mid-week extension of the original set-up, where the studio intern became a nurse maid – which reminded me of “Mommy”, by Vickie Tern.

In Mommy,  a (wealthy) woman is intent on revenge after discovering her husband’s infidelities.  When she learns her husband has been “doing” the maid (I’m imagining an illegal hispanic immigrant he had hired), she sends him packing but, on learning the girl was pregnant, allowed the girl to stay.  When the exiled husband showed up, a few weeks later, financially destitute and begging for forgiveness and pledging devotion, the idea came to the woman:  The maid would return to work sooner if there is a nursemaid for her baby.  The wealthy turns her unfaithful husband into this nursemaid: it is right that this baby-maker should nurse his own son! (I find this idea of sissy lactation exciting….)

Another part might describe how the son did not wean early, and did not develop masculine traits and was raised as a daughter.  Meanwhile, a sister of the vengeful wife went through a bitter divorce and ended up taking temporary residence in the same household.  The sister’s young son and the daughter become companions.  They also became more alike, as the two ex-wives decided it would be easier to raise two girls (and neither ex-husbands brood would go on to behave as their fathers had, nor would they even be able to impregnate women – the second sister’s son succumbing to syringes of supplements as well as secretions having second-hand hormones sucked from the sissy – sorry).  The philandering husband / nursemaid?  He’d end up with the sister’s husband – he liked lactating transsexuals too!

The second part might be inspired by (with some similarities to) Lipstick Discipline (  Although I don’t think Daphne has made any point of it (so far), the discipline applied to the son may also be punishment for the father (it just occurred to me now).

For something (not really) completely different, there is this:  After reporting eye-witness accounts of criminal acts that could convict organized crime leaders, a young man is taken into custody under the witness protection act – or so he is told.  It would turn out that associates of the charged had actually kidnapped the witness and put him into an intense feminization program – all with the witness’ cooperation.

Having been convinced by the abductors, given addictive drugs laced with feminizing hormones, and conditioned to behave as a hypersexual female, the witness became actress and ended up in Brazil, starring in pornographic movies.  With no witness, the arrested went free.  A win-win situation?

I think I’m up too late and need to sleep . . .

With love and thanks,