Do you want to be more feminized?

Just yesterday, a sissy asked me to make him feel more feminine, inside and out. I said, “I will put you on my Sissy List.”

Do you want to be more feminized? More sissified? More dominated?

If you are on the sissy list, you have a schedule – not a plan, but a schedule.

The schedule is a daily list of sissy-dos! which you repeat until your Mistress decides you are ready for the next schedule.The schedule means you get more feminizing, more sissifying, more domination, more subjection.

 The schedule works because it is  based on repetition. You repeat your feminization tasks every day, and every time you perform a task you become more feminine.  Your femininity is like a muscle. You will use your feminine muscles, every day.  You will  begin to feel those muscles almost immediately. In six months it will be impossible for you to identify yourself as a man, because you will practice every daily task as a woman.

Yes, we will narrow your waistline and enlarge your hips. We will soften and feminize your face. And of course we will force you to imagine yourself with  large, impossible to ignore breasts which will get in the way of everything else you do.


Every day that you call us we will give you a personal,  feminine task. After your call you will practice that task. You will practice performing that task over and over again, until you can look at yourself in the mirror and what you see in the mirror is a woman doing something. Then you can call us again and we will give you another task.

Do you want more feminizing? Call Alexa: 888-411-1230