I always knew I was a cocksucker. From the moment that I looked at cocks in the shower  after playing football, or soccer, or hockey…

As a teen I was able to pick up men. I learned to suck them off – without hands. That’s also where I learned the beauty of the uncut cock.
I had all these girlfriends who would joke to me about different things, but I didn’t really get it.

They would tell me that I was a pretty boy, or they would tease me about putting on their panties, and sometimes they would take me shopping with them because they loved making me try on panties in the dressing room.
One of them started taking photos of me in drag. I didn’t think much of it until she showed me a roll of film with me in lingerie, in stockings, with a garter, with lipstick, shaved, smiling, cherry ready to be picked.
One day I walked in to her apartment after work, looking hungry and usable, and found her with a black man in bed; her on top, his 9 incher sliding into her from below, glistening, hard, veiny, and uncut.

I got hard watching… him, not her.

And that night when I came, I fantasized about him, not her…

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