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Clients say:

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[push h=”3″] Hi Mistress, I rate your phone service 5 stars, I can honestly say you are by far the most fascinating and intelligent domme I have called. You will hear from me again, soon. Ricky, Canada

Mistress Alexa, you have the most beautiful voice in the world! I want you to own me. Just the mere thought of our conversation sends chills up and down my spine, the thought of you asking me if I was turned on or hard gives me instant goosebumps. — Sissy Husband, N.J.

Dear Mistress, I have no doubt your Copulins could control the entire world. Even without them, your divine voice and mental domination kept me under your Pussy Control. I still crave you, if you’re able, I would like a one hour session today asap. I’d love to see if you could hypnotize me again and insert your Copulins in me and take control again. Please let me know if I may become your slave again by replying and I will call immediately. – Panty Bimbo [/one_third_last]