Alexa’s Bitch

I was glad to be home-finally from the beauty salon, even though Maria got started late on my waxing i felt like i was home in time to finish my chores. The feel of my smooth balls tickled by my nylon panties was delicious.

I reached down into them and adjusted my cock so that the sensitive underside was now dancing and jostling against the nylon as well. shit, that feels good, i thought–shaking my hips back and forth in a sort of ‘hands off’ masturbation technique.

Running behind, i knew my current semi-stiff meat had received all of the attention it would get for the time being–i needed to finish my chores before mistress returned from her trip.

I scrambled upstairs and tugged off my sneakers and socks, pants and shirt. Instead, i put on a peach and white lace demi bra, seamed black stay up stockings, bright pink bikini panties and my short, slutty maids skirt–then stepped into the spiked heels that Mistress Alexa loved to see me in.

She said they made my ass stick out just perfect and it metamorphosed into a hypnotic mobile for her eyes. I reached back behind myself and grasped the waistband of my panties and gave them a bit of a tug-upwards-so that i was certain she would have an unfettered view of her ‘mobile’.

I hustled into the kitchen to finish the floors, and remembered other occasions when i had not finished my tasks before her arrival. Once i had gone surfing because of absolute macking waves due to a storm. I mean, 8-10 foot waves, you go out! I was 15 minutes late. She made me lay my board against the back of the couch, strip down and mount it. Then ordered me to fuck it-while she whipped my bouncing asscheeks, brutally.

She had delivered about 50 lashes and recalled having seen me wax my board down and now ordered me to jack my cock for her and i was to cum on my ‘beloved’ surfboard. i did. She laughed and told me-“go on, rub it in. with your face!”—and there i was, naked reddened ass in the air while i smeared a batch of warm spunk into my favorite o’neill tri-fin–with my also red face.

My other punishment for being late was being spreadeagled, facedown and staked, in the middle of the back lawn in the heat of the day. She also drove a stake between my knees and tied my balls to it–ensuring my permanence. she then took suntan lotion and spelled out ‘B-I-T-C-H’, on my back and left me for 5 hours–coming back to release me only to inform me that if i loved the beach so much then i was to go back tomorrow–shirtless.

I miss my bitch, she said, as she walked into the house, hours later….