Other Guys

Other Guys: According to a long time sissy-client, there are sissies, there are other guys, and there are wife-mistresses. For those of you who have not yet migrated to other guys, and are still not sleeping with your wife-mistresses,  other sissies are an interesting right-of-way (and all that that implies).

The sissy-client in question supplied that he was less shy with sissies, and that playing with sissies was like a rehearsal, or sandbox, or playbed…. where shy little faggots like ?him could experiment… could feel like a girl with another guy-girl, could make believe they were with another guy but not really…. because every sissy knows he’s just an other girl… or gurl….

So before you play with Other Guys, find a bunch of gurl-friends/sissies and get yourself a makeover! Take a snapshot and post it on Sissyphone.com or on Alexa’s feminization blog… You can also



…..Satisfied that her makeup was perfect including a bright and shiny lipgloss she turned her attention back to her feminized captive. “Now something to help you with your dreams” Karen said, slipping off her moist, silk panties and stuffing them into his mouth. She took one of the scarves from her cabinet and pushed that in to his mouth too, forcing her panties to the back of his throat.

She packed the scarf into the corners of his mouth, leaving no space. Then she took another scarf and folded it into a band which she knotted in the middle and forced it into Mike’s mouth before tying the ends tightly behind him. His muffled protests sounded distant and almost superficial. She took the scarf she had been wearing inside her panties all day and folded it into a wider band which she tied tightly over his nose and mouth. Still not satisfied, she took another scarf and folded it diagonally into a triangle which she tied over his entire face, pulling the loose ends behind his head and then round into a knot under his chin, trapping the loose corner. Then she folded another large silk triangle, placed it over his head and knotted it tightly under his chin, forcing his mouth closed.

By this time all Mike could manage was a very feint, muffled groan. She rubbed her cheek against Mike’s and fondled his cock under the feminine skirt and through the panties she had dressed him in earlier, causing him to writhe against his restraints. One more treat for you before we let the darkness descend she whispered.

Reaching into her bag she pulled out a package of clothes pins and began attaching them where ever took her fancy. Two on each nipple, some on his inner thighs and of course two on his stiff cock. His squirming indicated the desired affect had been achieved yet there was hardly any sound coming from beneath the plethora of scarves encasing his head. His breathing was labored and the smell from her panties and scarf was pungent. She giggled as she stood back and observed her handiwork he was quite a package and it was one that would be great fun to open with her special girlfriend in the morning. Turning up the music and the heat she dimmed the lights slipped on her leather boots and disappeared into the cool evening air.

The party tonight would be even more enjoyable knowing that a special treat was waiting and would be her morning entertainment. The ends of Karen’s green print headscarf danced in the breeze as thoughts of what she might like to do tomorrow danced in her head…….


ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID — Yes, you’ve always been comfortable in women’s closets. You’ve always adored dresses.  You help  your mother  run the bridal salon in the big old mansion on the cliffs. It is a very popular place to get married and your mother is doing more and more business and she needs you all the time… and you have to wear a girl’s apron… and nail polish when you work at the salon…


Always a Bridesmaid

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Jamie’s Story

Jamie's Story

Download Jamie’s Story Part I


Jamie’s Full Feminization Story   

I have read a number of erotic stories of erotic feminization, and my story starts in the same way that many begin—with discovery and confession. I spend a lot of time on the details of preparation, anticipation, humiliation, and the tension that accompanies “moments of truth”.


I was on a business trip and decided that I would go through with something that I had wanted to do for a long time—get a full body wax to remove all my body hair. I went to the waxing studio and Catherine, the technician, ripped out all of my hair except for a small “landing strip” above my penis. I found the whole experience intensely erotic as I lay naked in front of Catherine for the whole procedure, put myself into several submissive positions so she could rip the hair off of my balls or around my asshole, and imagined how my new smooth legs would look in high heels. The biggest thrill was knowing that I couldn’t take this back. Unlike dressing in lingerie or makeup in my hotel room, I couldn’t leave this behind when I went home. I was going to go home and show myself to my wife, and I didn’t know how she was going to react.

I loved how my newly hairless body looked and felt, and I hoped that Emma—my wife—would, too. My mind was full of exquisitely sexy thoughts as I rode the plane, and then the taxi, home. I got home after dinner time and shared a drink with Emma before bed, and then crawled under the covers while she readied herself for the night. When the lights went out, I took her hand and brought it to my now hairless chest and said, hoping for a great reaction, “I have a surprise for you.”

Emma’s reaction was the opposite of my hopes. She recoiled at my smooth skin, saying that she couldn’t believe I’d do such a thing. She wondered if I was having some kind of mid-life crisis, so I told her that I had long disliked my hairy body and finally had the opportunity to do something about it. I told her that I did it because I wanted to feel what a hairless body would be like, not because I thought it would be attractive to her.

I was very disappointed. I had wanted her hands to greedily feel me all over my super-sensitive body, to include my hairless balls and ass. I wanted her to be curious to find out what my soft scrotum would feel like in her mouth, and enjoy the view of my dick without the thatch of dark pubes. Instead, I had another sexless night.

Things took another frustrating turn a couple of days later. Before I had gone on my trip, I had mentioned to Emma that I thought she needed some sexy lingerie. She agreed that her underwear wardrobe had gotten too utilitarian, and agreed that I could get her some lingerie for her birthday. (I didn’t say that I also welcomed the idea to pore over the frilly panties and bras in a store, imagining how they would feel on me.) So now, a few days away from her birthday, I asked her to confirm her sizes because I was going to shop for her present. She told me the sizes, and then smiled a wicked smile and said, “Sometimes I think that you really want to get this lingerie for yourself, not for me.”

My jaw dropped. She had found my secret She knew that I liked to dress in pretty lingerie, that it made me hard. In a split second, I decided to play along, because this was my chance to get her into my fantasy and play along. I said, “I don’t know how you found out, but I would love to get some panties for myself, too.”

That was the wrong thing to say. The sexual tension left the room and Emma looked at me in disbelief. “I meant that you were getting me these sexy things because it turned you on to see me in them. What are you talking about? Are you saying you want to wear women’s panties? What is the matter with you?”

I was too shattered to try and play it cool and act like I had been misunderstood. I tried to say that there had been a mistake, and made a move to hug her and get past the moment. Emma would have none of it, “I heard what you said,” she said, “This is what the waxing was about, isn’t it? This is all about dressing like a girl. Oh my god, you’ve become a crossdresser.”

I just stammered. I wasn’t making any sense. When I started to tear up, Emma’s mood changed a little and instead of pure anger, she said she wanted to understand what was going on. “I don’t know how to feel about this right now, but I know for sure that you have some kind of secrets going on and I need to know what is going on. Have you been dressing up while you have been away? Have you been seeing someone else? What else have you been doing—sucking cock? You need to tell me everything right now, because if you keep any more secrets from me, I don’t think I can bear it.”

I could see that this was a real moment of truth. I knew Emma, and she would not stand for betrayal or infidelity. I needed to be absolutely truthful.

After a long pause, I took a deep breath and started to talk. Looking down, I started to tell her in a soft voice about my private masturbation life. I travel on business several times per month, and I told her about what I have been doing when I go away.

“Honey, please understand that I love you and only want to be with you,” I began.

“Never mind about that—tell me what you have been doing Tell me all of it” she said.

“OK. When I am away, I sometimes dress up in women’s lingerie in my hotel room. It turns me on, and I like the frilly feel. It turns me on, and I like to beat off while wearing them.”

“What do you wear? Exactly?”

I said, “Well, usually I wear panties, stockings, and a bra. Sometimes I have a pair of high heels that I wear, too, and I sometimes wear a garter belt. Often, I’ll wear the panties under my clothes for my business meetings during the day.”

“So my husband is a panty boy, is that it? What else do you do? Do you meet men and suck dick?”

“No, honey. I’ve never been with anyone else but you since we’ve been married.”

“I think I believe you about that. But I can’t believe that you get all dressed up just to jerk off. What else do you do?”

“Well, sometimes I get some sex toys and play with them. I will put a vibrator in my ass and stuff.”

“You dress up in panties and fuck yourself in the ass with rubber dicks. How pathetic,” she said. “Where do you get these things? And what do you mean by ‘and stuff’? I bet you suck your fake dicks, too, don’t you? You better tell the truth”

“Yes, I do that, too. But please—don’t think I’m pathetic. I love you and only want to be with you. I buy these things at adult sex shops in the cities where my clients are. I’ve been going to the same set of 3 or 4 cities for the past five years, so I know where they all are.”

“That may be true that you haven’t been with anyone else, but I need to decide if I want to be with you. Because it is turning out that you aren’t who I thought you were. Keep talking so I can decide. What else haven’t you told me?”

“Well, I also look at porn while I am away.”

“What kind of porn? Be specific,” she said.

“Mostly sissy porn—porn about men who have been feminized. And I also like to look at sites about white wives who have sex with hung black men, with or without their husband’s knowledge. Some of these sites are the same, where a woman turns her husband into a sissy and fucks big black cocks in front of him.”

“What? Is that what you want? You want me to sleep around while you dress up like a girl.”

“No, no,” I said. “This is just a fantasy, not something to do for real. I wouldn’t want to really do anything like that. It just turns me on to think about. I don’t know why. Believe me, I’ve tried to fight it. I just can’t help it. Crossdressing and cuckolding fantasies get me hard every time. I know it makes me some kind of freak, but I just can’t help it.”

“You are right about that, freak.” Those words stung worse than anything I could imagine.

“Is there anything else?” she demanded. “You better be sure you’ve told me everything.”

I told her how long I have been doing these things, how often, and even that I had talked to her on the phone while dressed in lingerie, sometimes with a dildo up my bum. And finally, I told her the last thing: “For the last few years, Emma, I have been calling a woman named Alexa on a phone sex line called Sissyphone. She has helped me play out these fantasies.” I told her how long I had been talking with Alexa, how often, and what kind of things we talked about.

“I don’t know whether to be hurt or relieved that I didn’t have to listen to this stuff,” Emma said. Give me this Alexa’s number. Now.”

With shaking hands, I copied down the phone number from my cell phone and gave it to her.

“Now get out of this house,” Emma said. “I’ll call you when I decide what to do next.”

Move-in Mistress

One of my most loyal clients is missing his Move-in Mistress — She who moved in with him for one summer, sister, clothes, dildo and all… then coddled him into sissy bliss. One part pussy worship, one part punishment, one part crossdressing (all those summer thongs!!!) and one part humiliation! Wouldn’t it be nice to arrange for your Move-in Mistress?

Have you set up your Sissy Wikipedia page yet?


After reading this fab article about the five personal branding mistakes that women make, I just had to tell you about one that is especially relevant for you: Not Having A Wikipedia Page!

You know that Wikipedia  gets lots and lots and lots of traffic…. But maybe you don’t know that it is considered the most verifiable way to determine if someone is legitimately a public figure. Not to mention, the most verifiable way to determine if someone is a real sissy! Don’t you want to be able to show everybody your Wikipedia page  — where you will post photos of yourself in all those adorable outfits I dressed you up in — so that they will recognize you and … well so that you can feel what a real sissy feels, when their Mistress outs them….

It’s always Time to call Alexa 888-411-1230

Alexa’s Bitch

I was glad to be home-finally from the beauty salon, even though Maria got started late on my waxing i felt like i was home in time to finish my chores. The feel of my smooth balls tickled by my nylon panties was delicious.

I reached down into them and adjusted my cock so that the sensitive underside was now dancing and jostling against the nylon as well. shit, that feels good, i thought–shaking my hips back and forth in a sort of ‘hands off’ masturbation technique.

Running behind, i knew my current semi-stiff meat had received all of the attention it would get for the time being–i needed to finish my chores before mistress returned from her trip.

I scrambled upstairs and tugged off my sneakers and socks, pants and shirt. Instead, i put on a peach and white lace demi bra, seamed black stay up stockings, bright pink bikini panties and my short, slutty maids skirt–then stepped into the spiked heels that Mistress Alexa loved to see me in.

She said they made my ass stick out just perfect and it metamorphosed into a hypnotic mobile for her eyes. I reached back behind myself and grasped the waistband of my panties and gave them a bit of a tug-upwards-so that i was certain she would have an unfettered view of her ‘mobile’.

I hustled into the kitchen to finish the floors, and remembered other occasions when i had not finished my tasks before her arrival. Once i had gone surfing because of absolute macking waves due to a storm. I mean, 8-10 foot waves, you go out! I was 15 minutes late. She made me lay my board against the back of the couch, strip down and mount it. Then ordered me to fuck it-while she whipped my bouncing asscheeks, brutally.

She had delivered about 50 lashes and recalled having seen me wax my board down and now ordered me to jack my cock for her and i was to cum on my ‘beloved’ surfboard. i did. She laughed and told me-“go on, rub it in. with your face!”—and there i was, naked reddened ass in the air while i smeared a batch of warm spunk into my favorite o’neill tri-fin–with my also red face.

My other punishment for being late was being spreadeagled, facedown and staked, in the middle of the back lawn in the heat of the day. She also drove a stake between my knees and tied my balls to it–ensuring my permanence. she then took suntan lotion and spelled out ‘B-I-T-C-H’, on my back and left me for 5 hours–coming back to release me only to inform me that if i loved the beach so much then i was to go back tomorrow–shirtless.

I miss my bitch, she said, as she walked into the house, hours later….

Personalized Sissy Beauty Day

While I was sleeping, my Mistress laid out my sissy clothes – panties, bra, petticoat, apron, — and made an appointment at the medical spa for a “day of beauty”. When I woke up, she had me dress up and drove me to the spa where took everything but my bra, tucked me in a plush pink terry cloth robe before tucking a powerful remote control butt plug inside me. The sofas were soft plush and pink, like the robe, and I was overwhelmed by the smell and feel of femininity.

After a full body wax I waited in the lounge where other clients were having hushed, gossipy conversations. I was scheduled for a couple of hypnosis sessions during which I floated away, waking up feeling like a slut with the vibrating butt plug on full speed.

Without turning it off the technician wheeled me into a treatment room, explaining that my Mistress had arranged for a little botox — “to plump out your lips”.

For the next hour — or was it two? –, the technician plumped up my lips. After each shot, she shaped and sculpted and tugged, and reassured me that I would L O V E the results –. She wouldn’t let me look in the mirror but showed me a chart with different lips on it, pointing to a pair of pillowy lips that curved in a pretty bow shape and looked ready to wrap around a fat cock. The tech smirked and said, your Mistress said she wanted every man to look at your mouth and think about their cock inside it. Deep inside it.

Call Alexa 888-411-1230 and find out why I submitted.

Your Own Private Glory Hole

That is what I do, I talk to guys all day long about sucking dick — and this guy is the expert on sucking cock. Especially black cock.

We have lots of cock cock sucking stories, and would love hearing yours. Call Mistress Alexa and get your dildo ready.

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Does loving cock make you gay? Hmmmm.

Well, if you love cock, and you love women, but you only cum with women if you fantasize about sucking a big black cock… well… maybe you are gay.

Did I mention that if you want to be even gayer, We can help! Call 888-411-1230. Now, you, too, can be gay! We’ll even tell you that you are.

If you’re not sure then go to xhamster and look up ‘sissy slut’ or ‘sissy fag slut’ or ‘crossdressing sissy’….

One of my best boys told me how he gave a blowjob in a homemade glory hole.  Guys, take the door knob off one of your doors and use it as a glory hole.  Think about it, you can stay home and have your own, ADULT Book Store.

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Face it, I make your cock harder then you can on your own, harder than you ever imagined. You want to wear panties, you fantasize about cock, even when you’re fucking women.

You want to be dressed up, panties, stockings, lipstick. Taken out. Gay bar. Fag bar. Glory Hole. There you will stay and suck cock. Lots of cock. Too much cock.

Is there ever too much cock for a faggot like you?